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Jar Decoration Ideas (For Candy Jars + More!)

Ladies and gents, the home decorating article you never knew you needed. Here are 12 jar decoration ideas for candy jars, money jars, gifts – and even, ahem, swear jars!
When it comes to decorating your home, with jars or otherwise, the number-one rule is to have fun. Interior decorating, after all, is all about expressing yourself and making your home the most comfortable place on Earth – jar none!

1. Jar Party

Don’t know what to decorate your buffet with? Go for the jar-and-vase combo, in statement, matching colors.

2. Local Jargon

Adapt to your habitat with locale-inspired decor. On this coastal coffee table, organic beads, beach-native plants and imitation seaglass canisters pay tribute to an oceanic landscape.

3. Jar-Fetched Ideas

When you go for gold decor, you’re guaranteed a living space that dazzles and shines.

4. Jarred for Life

Vases and jars are often interchangeable; pair them up on your coffee table for layered height and intrigue.

5. Jar-Crossed Lovers

A beautiful blue jar, a breezy woven basket, and a bold star-shaped figurine = the happiest love triangle to ever exist.

6. Jarsey Shore

If you just can’t contain your excitement for the new season of [insert latest reality show craze here], these coastal-inspired jars will do it for you.

7. Jar Jar Drinks

In all the galaxy, a glass jar is the best drinking buddy.

8. Jar You Kiddin’ Me?

This glossy, boho-inspired design is tugging our, well, jartstrings.

9. Jars of Clay

High school pottery class is all grown-up, with these sophisticated statement jars.

10. A Streetjar Named Desire

Jarlon Brando (oh yes, we did) gets a run for his money with these show-stealing shelf accessories.

11. Jardinière

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your jardin grow?

12. In Perfect Jar-mony

…And jarst when you thought the punning was over.

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