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Spring Flower Pot Ideas

In March, April and May, use spring flower pots to spruce up your home. Here are the freshest ideas for the freshest of seasons.

1. Vase Container

Flower pots for spring can be so much more than the terracotta pot! While terracotta pots, which are made from baked clay, are popular for their weight (they are heavy!), these designs’ material is more vulnerable to cracking during cold temperature changes. If you’re going to use a terracotta pot, keep it indoors or bring it indoors at night if you live in a climate that sees lingering cold in the spring. Otherwise, explore different containers – the dining table vase shown here makes the perfect accent centerpiece.

2. White Petals

While roses don’t normally start blooming until mid or late spring (about six weeks into spring), there are shortcuts to that enviable white rose look year-round. For one, you can go the artificial route, arranging the roses in such a way (varying the heights, cutting the stems, etc.) that they look real for spring. Another route is to opt for rose lookalikes that are more easily available in springtime: these include ranunculus and peonies.

3. Bicycle Transformed

Go vintage by recycling old objects for the sake of containing spring flower arrangements. Reuse a coffee can, teapot, dresser drawer, a wagon or birdcage! (Note, by the way, how each of the objects mentioned in the previous statement are associated with good memories; a cup of roasted coffee or brewed tea, bedroom storage (perhaps from a childhood home), a child’s toy and a pet’s home.) Shown here, a metal bicycle flower pot embraces the idea of “happy memories” mixed with fresh spring blooms.

4. Non-Flowering Plants

Spring flower pots aren’t just for flowers. In the spring, plants of all types start rising up. Incorporate into your home fresh plants like ferns, mosses, liverworts, spider plants and Zanzibar gems. While not as colorful as some of the seasonal flowering springtime plants (such as daffodil, crocus, hyacinth and peony), non-flowering plants are easier to maintain and tend to last a lot longer in pots when compared to springtime florals.

More Spring Flower Pot Ideas

If you have a clay vase, you can speed up its aging process! (This is desirable if your style is rustic or you prefer distressed/aged textures.) There are a couple of ways to accomplish this.
For the yogurt treatment. With a foam applicator or brush, apply plain yogurt to the sides of an untreated clay pot. Make sure the pot is dry. Leave the pot out, with the yogurt, on a shaded patio for a few weeks. After the elements have completely dried and set the yogurt, you will notice a remarkable difference in the pot’s look and texture.
For the moss treatment (used to change texture and promote moss growth). Combine equal parts moss and buttermilk in a bowl. (Make sure the moss is free of dirt and chopped or pulled apart enough so that it is easily mixable.) Mix the two together, then, using a foam applicator or brush, apply the mixture to the sides of the pot. Finally, leave the pot, with the mixture, out to dry on a shaded patio for a few weeks!

Spring Flower Pots and Planters

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Spring Flower Pots & Planters

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