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Spring Patio Ideas That Will Keep You Lingering Outdoors

Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, skies are clearing, bees are buzzing and birds are singing. It’s the best time to get outdoors and greet the sunshine! Let these spring patio ideas keep your outdoor space feeling fresh.
It’s the season of new beginnings – and all of the sweets, animals and pastel hues that come with Easter home décor. This season, give your outdoor decorating a makeover. Deck out a deck with fresh flower pots filled with tulips and hydrangeas – and update your outdoor furniture to fall in line with the heartbeat of the brightest time of year.

1. Put Spring in Your Step – and Seat

Light and airy bar stools are spring’s favorite furniture item! Deck out a patio or porch with these blue-as-bluebells seats for two. Whether you’re enjoying a breakfast coffee or evening cocktail, a lounge set makes the perfect addition to fine weather this season.

2. Make Like the Clouds & Lighten Up

These seaters are so cozy and light! Plush cushions and curved armrests take a standard chair and table set and transform it into a spring-ready lounge. When the melodies of birds start to fill the air and the fragrance of new blooms start to awaken the senses, there’s no better time to create a space where you and guests will want to linger outdoors well into evening.

3. Bottle Up Sunshine

Spring is for birds and flowers, both of which come in an array of vibrant hues! Take a cue from nature’s most colorful season and choose patio furniture to match. Canary yellow bar stools feel like sunshine bottled up – the perfect welcome into the season of new beginnings.

4. Dine With Fresh Blooms

Spring patio décor isn’t just sunshine and rainbows – though that does account for about 90% of the springtime look! The other 10% goes to practicality. Think in terms of comfort: which furniture types and materials will make you feel as relaxed as possible while maximizing your patio space? Here, breezy dining cushions around a sturdy wood dining table and bench make room for a large family, with the durability to hold up all season long and year after year.
Boost your porch furniture with outdoor rugs. Add on potted plants with spring flowers to bring out the best of the season. Choose rugs and petals in pastel shades of blue, pink, yellow and orange. Candy-colored scenery welcomes happiness to any outdoor space!
Outdoor rugs are the best way to spring a pop of color!

5. Sit Down & Stay for a Season

When the dining’s done, move on over to the “lobby.” Outdoors, such a place is made up of comfy chairs and lounge tables designed for easy living. Choose patterns that add style – because springtime is about loosening up a bit. Boring colors, designs, textures have no place in spring!

6. Perfect the Patio Picnic

For the posh picnicker, a sleek dining table set fits the bill. In the spring, prop open an umbrella to add shade as the sun starts to come on a little stronger. Use the space for midday meals or in-between snacks and drinks as you fuel up on fresh air and pretty garden aesthetics
7. Unwind ‘til Summer
A big trend in 2024 spring backyards, patios and porches is the outdoor cuddler chair. A large chair rounded at the seat, the cuddler has spring written all over it. Use this design to watch the birds dance from tree to tree, tall branches lightly sway in the breeze or faraway bunnies scurry into hedges. Lean back into a plush cushion and nap for fifteen – or until the springtime bliss has turned into summer!

Porch Decorating Ideas

Our favorite way to decorate a spring porch is with color! Since spring is a time for new beginnings, taking this opportunity to do away with the heavy colors of winter will make your space feel open and refreshed. Strip away brown cushions and rugs and replace with yellow cushions and rugs! Throw out scarlet poinsettias and replace with pink daisies! Take off grey throw blankets and replace with white shams! Do an audit of your carried-over-from-winter patio decor – and make a list of how you can swap the heavier pieces for the spring new.

Decorating Ideas For the Spring Front Porch

Front of house is similar to back of house when it comes to spring porch décor. Though you’ll probably spend more time in the back, the front porch is for first impressions. Use this space to bring a smile to guests’ faces as they enter your home for the first time. Line steps with animal garden statues, flower-filled pots and breeze-activated wind chimes. A chalkboard sign with a springtime message adds a final touch for the perfect seasonal welcome.

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