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12 Plant Table Ideas

Looking for new decorations to liven up your home? Skip the cheap, plastic decor and go for the houseplant section instead! Not only do plants offer a pop of freshness, but studies show that they can relieve stress levels. Here are our tips for arranging plants in your home.

1. Grow a Garden

Instead of buying a prepared, potted plant, grow your own garden with a seedling cart. These tiered cards can be filled with soil and used to grow grass, flowers or whatever else you want and can also be used as extra storage space.

2. Use Household Items

Tired of traditional vases and pots? Spruce things up by using regular, household items to support your plants! If you have artificial foliage, you can rest it on stacked books, put it in a kitchen bowl or even place it directly on a table.

3. Play With Shapes

Colorful, aromatic flowers are the perfect centerpiece for that spare side table taking up space in your living room. If you want to create a truly unique aesthetic, try contrasting shapes. (For instance, if your table is round, put your flowers in a square pot!)

4. Stay Simple With Straw

Boho baskets are all the rage right now. Along with the rustic appearance, they offer the perfect spot for your plants. (Try filling a large basket with flowers or showcasing them on a simple straw tray!)

5. Work Some Wooden Magic

The sleek, classic appearance of wood is a great surface for your plants – your flowers will fit wonderfully with your wooden table, counter or wardrobe. To create a truly unique appearance, try contrasting the wood with a bright color (like white).

6. Make the Mornings Bright

When we wake up, most of us dash to the kitchen for coffee. You can brighten up your morning by placing a vase of beautiful flowers right on your kitchen counter. Light colors (like yellow, pink and white) work well in kitchens.

7. Experiment With Height

Rather than put all your houseplants on tables, try playing around with different heights. For example, you could put one plant on the floor and place the other on a tall wardrobe or windowsill.

8. Complement Colors

Your plants should enhance your home's current beauty, and one of the best ways to do this is by selecting complementary colors. Is your living room filled with white furniture? Keep up with the trend with a white potted plant!

9. Keep It Classic

When most of us envision plants, we probably imagine them on a table; if you like classic looks, then your dining or kitchen table might be the ideal spot for plants. (You can also always spice things up with a basket or tray!)

10. Bring Out the Baskets

Got any spare baskets or containers lying around? Put them to work by using them to support your favorite plants; you can place these on tables or even on the floor. (Here's a bonus tip – pair flowers with matching colored baskets!)

11. Set Up a Side Table

Small side tables may make for fun furniture, but funtions may not always be that obvious. One way we love to put them to work: using them as a spot for plants. Set the table up by your couch, put a plant on it, and voilà – you've got the perfect living room decoration.

12. Keep Things Moving

Can't decide where to put your plant? Maybe you don't have to! Instead of leaving your plant in one place, put it in a basket (or another portable container) and move it from table to table. This way you can brighten up a different room every day!

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