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The Best Pots for Indoor Plants

Because their natural habitat isn't inside a house, houseplants can be difficult to keep alive and thriving, but with the right plant pot, keeping your houseplants happy and healthy becomes less of a chore. The type of plant will determine the best pot for the job; here are exactly which ones you should – and shouldn't – use.

Best Pot for Aloe Plant

These succulents are great for having in the house, but they tend to prefer drier soil. This means they need lots of drainage and a pot that will prevent the soil from staying too damp between watering. Look for a lovely terracotta pot that is two to three inches wider than the aloe plant you’ll place in it. This gives it plenty of room to grow and the terracotta will help dry it out and allow the roots to breathe.

Best Pot for Snake Plant

These sleek, tall plants are elegant enough to look great in any pot, but they’ll thrive best in a terracotta or ceramic pot that is just barely larger than the root ball. These plants like to be crowded in space, so small pots are ideal for them.

Best Pot for Spider Plant

Spider plants grow rather quickly and tend to hang over the edges of their pots, which means they are great for hanging. If you want to hang the plant, you’ll need a pot that is designed for hanging up. Plastic pots with some depth are usually a good choice, because they will adjust as the roots grow and press on them. You should frequently check that the plant isn’t rootbound.

Best Pot for Tomato Plant

Tomatoes can be grown indoors, but they require large pots to stay hydrated. You’ll find that a large ceramic or wood container is ideal for growing your tomatoes – just be sure to give them plenty of space and lots of sunlight to ensure they grow well!

Best Pot for Jade Plant

Jade plants add a touch of elegance to any space in your home, but they can be top heavy. This means you need a heavy pot that is wider than it is tall. Concrete or ceramic is the best choice, since these are heavy enough to balance out a fast-growing plant. You should also ensure there are lots of drainage holes to prevent excess moisture from pooling around the roots, as these plants are quite susceptible to fungal diseases.

Best Pot for Ivy Plants

Ivy plants love to climb and can be a wonderful addition to a kitchen or doorway where the plant grows up and over the doorframe. These can grow well in a wide, shallow pot of any type. Ceramic pots can be beautiful and may be set on any surface to allow the ivy to climb where you want it to go. (Just note that when dealing with ivy, you will need to train it along strings or use ties and nails to help the plant grow as you like.)

Best Plant Pot for Ficus Plants

If you enjoy a larger houseplant, ficus plants are ideal for filling up corners and adding more depth to the greenery in the house. These plants require very little in terms of care; when it comes to growing, they do very well in larger, deeper pots with plenty of drainage. (While you will need to make sure there are drainage holes at the bottom, chances are that the tree will do well in the same pot for many years before you need to upgrade!)

Need some aesthetic inspiration? We're sure your plants will look amazing in a lovely ceramic pot! Find plenty of choices in solid colors or in pretty patterns to suit your home décor here.

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Best Pots for Plants

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