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Industrial Bedroom Ideas for 2024: A Guide

Finding the right look for your bedroom is no easy feat. Trendy, modern designs may look cool but take considerable time and effort to set up. Minimalist designs are straightforward and simple but often lack excitement. Fortunately, there's a unique design that combines the benefits of modernity and minimalism: the industrial design.

What Is an Industrial Style Bedroom?

Industrial bedrooms combine raw, unadorned materials with sharp, pristine decor to create spaces that are simple yet aesthetically pleasing. In an industrial bedroom, you'll encounter everything from exposed ducts and unfinished wood to clean-cut curtains and sleek bedspreads.

Another hallmark of industrial bedrooms is open spaces. You'll notice that there's rarely any clutter in an industrial room – this style is all about conserving space without appearing too plain. This raw simplicity, coupled with the one-of-a-kind appearance, makes the industrial style especially popular for bedrooms.

How Do I Set Up an Industrial Room?

If you're interested in trying this style for yourself, you'll need to invest in the right decor. Ideally, you should find raw or vintage items (like pure metal and wood) and combine them with a few smoother, more polished items (like classy pillows and bedspreads). Then, arrange these items around the room while leaving a fair amount of open space in the middle.

Of course, setting up a bedroom is easier said than done. If you need some inspiration, check out our list of 49 industrial bedroom ideas.

1) Green and Striped Bedding Set

This bedspread combines simple, solid linens with bright, striped throw pillows. Thanks to the juxtaposition of colors and styles, it manages to stay elegant and classy without being too plain.

2) Sleek Desk Lamp

Are you looking for bedside lighting so that you can enjoy some late-night reading? This smooth, black desk lamp provides plenty of light and fits in seamlessly with a variety of wall and bed designs.

3) Horse Home Accent

You don't have to be an equestrian to enjoy this resin, horse home accent. The smooth black exterior offers the simplicity you're looking for in an industrial-style room, while the horse design makes your space unique.

4) Black Office Desk

If you're looking for an office desk that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing, you can't go wrong with this black industrial desk. The raw, wooden surface provides a rustic look while remaining comfortable to use.

5) Leather Box

This small, leather-coated box offers both functional and aesthetic advantages. Fill it with jewelry or personal items, then highlight its unique exterior by propping it up on a shelf or desk.

6) Wooden Bookcases

Show off your book collection with these sleek, wooden bookcases. In true industrial fashion, the wooden planks are simple yet elegant. They also provide the perfect surface for showcasing novels, notebooks and home accents.

7) Bedroom Clock

This small, framed bedroom clock offers a cross between portable digital clocks and traditional wall clocks. Place it anywhere in the room – from a shelf to a bedside table – then sit back and watch as time ticks down.

8) Industrial Room Accent

Are you looking for a unique room accent that doubles as a conversation starter? Try out this decoration. Not only does it use rustic textures and colors, but it also has a one-of-a-kind appearance that's reminiscent of modern styles.

9) Wooden Room Sculpture

The industrial style is all about using raw materials to decorate an aesthetically pleasing space. This small room sculpture repurposes classic wood to create a special sculpture that's sure to catch the eye of visitors.

10) Black Bedroom Desk

This bedroom desk offers the functionality of a classic office desk and the legroom of a standard table. Thanks to the plain black surface, it's great for highlighting decor like colorful lamps, baskets and stationery.

11) Large Industrial Bedroom

This industrial bedroom plays around with different styles, colors and textures. You'll also find a mix of classic furniture items (like sleek wooden tables) and more unique pieces (like the tribal metal face stool).

12) Industrial Bedspread

If you're looking to shake things up with a new bedspread, consider this industrial look. It plays around with classic colors like white, black and beige but still keeps things interesting with checkered patterns.

13) Cozy Industrial Chair

You can never have too many seating options in your bedroom. If you're looking for a new seat, consider this grey, industrial-style chair. Not only is it comfortable and delicate, but the neutral colors go well with other furniture items.

14) Round Mirror

If you're looking for a functional decoration, you can't go wrong with a mirror. This round, white-framed mirror integrates smoothly with blank walls. Match it with darker pieces, such as wooden furniture and accents.

15) Sleek Glass Vase

Vases make great, non-intrusive decorations for shelves, desks and bedside tables. This industrial vase is wide and short, which sets it apart from standard vases. Fill it with your favorite plants, or simply let it serve as a decoration.

16) Industrial Chair Setup

This bedroom setup mixes and matches a variety of industrial pieces. The simple grey chair pairs well with the sleek wooden table, while the mirror, decorations and room accents make the area stand out.

17) Classy Bedroom

This bedroom plays around with colors and patterns, resulting in a one-of-a-kind decor experience. It features everything from dark metal bed frames and plain white bedspreads to ornate rugs and textured throw pillows.

18) Metal Bed

If you're looking for a bed frame that's classy and elegant, try this sleek metal frame. While the dark, metallic color complements a variety of bedspreads, it's especially good with lighter colors (like white and beige).

19) Wooden Bed

Keep things simple and rustic with a wooden framed bed. The raw, wooden material on the bottom offers a unique appearance while doubling as a set of drawers. It's also a great match for wooden bedside tables.

20) Wooden Nesting Table

Spruce up your bedroom with a wooden nesting table. Featuring multiple tiers, it's great for hosting books, water bottles and decorative room accents. Place it next to your bed or set it up next to a chair.

21) Wooden Headboard

Keep things classy by investing in a wooden headboard for your bed. This natural material is smooth to the touch and pairs well with light colors, such as beige and white. Amplify the natural look by matching it with a wooden nightstand.

22) Wire Lamp

Are you looking for some innovative bedside lighting? Check out this industrial, copper wire lamp. With space for three bulbs, you can enjoy an ample pool of light. It's topped with an opaque lampshade, which lets you see the unique design behind it.

23) Brown Bedroom

This industrial-style bedroom immediately catches the eye thanks to the deep brown bed frame, wardrobe and nightstand. To make the natural look pop out even more, it's paired with colorful pillows and plants.

24) Wooden Nightstand

If you're looking for an elegant nightstand to pair with your bed, this wooden, industrial side table will do the trick. It's stacked with convenient drawers and topped with a unique, wiry bedside lamp.

25) Black Trunk

For out-of-the-box thinkers, it's a great idea to pair classic furniture items (like beds and nightstands) with more unique objects. For example, you can shake things up by placing an industrial trunk at the foot of your bed.

26) Black Leather Chair

You can't discuss industrial bedrooms without talking about one of the style's biggest staples: leather. This no-frills, black leather chair is sleek and modern, but also simple and straightforward.

27) Blue Bedroom Pillows

Industrial bedrooms are often dominated by dark metallic and wooden surfaces – thus, it's a good idea to throw in some color here and there. These blue, patterned pillows bring a sense of light to any room.

28) Black Trunk

Are you looking for a storage container, but don't want to settle for the familiar wardrobe or chest of drawers? A trunk may be exactly what you're looking for. This industrial black trunk can house a variety of items and serve as a decoration on its own.

29) Hanging Metal Lamp

Do you need bedside lighting, but don't want to consume the limited space on your nightstand? Consider trying a hanging lamp. This metallic lamp immediately catches the eye while conserving valuable space.

30) Wooden and Metallic Bedroom

This bedroom utilizes two elements commonly found in industrial-style rooms: wood and metal. It features a wooden bed and matching nightstands, topped with hanging metal lamps. To contrast the dark colors, you'll find white rugs and bedspreads.

31) Bright Bedroom

This bedroom proves that industrial-style things don't always have to be dark. While it features plenty of darker elements (including a wooden wardrobe and leather chair), the room ultimately has a light, airy feel thanks to the bright accents and thin curtains.

32) Light Room Decor

If you want to add a pop of freshness to your bedroom, try this golden, patterned vase. It complements a wide range of plants, from lush greenery to colorful flowers. Put it by the window and watch as the natural light bounces off it.

33) Dark Bedroom Chest

This industrial bedroom chest is sleek, classy and functional. It manages to stand out in any bedroom without taking attention away from other furniture or items. Use the interior to store clothes, then place home accents or decorations on top.

34) Industrial Bedroom Drawers

Are you looking for a spacious set of drawers to stash your clothes? This large, dark bedroom drawer set will do the trick. The sleek wood is paired with lighter handles and feet, while the smooth surface provides extra space for showcasing items.

35) Contrasting Nightstand

This nightstand plays with different shades of brown to create a one-of-a-kind look. In terms of space, it features two different surfaces, as well as a drawer. Put it by your bed or let it shine as its own table.

36) Industrial Storage Set

If you need a spacious storage set to go with your industrial-style room, this chest of drawers fits the bill. It offers plenty of drawer space without being too tall or intrusive. Leave it as is, or spruce it up by topping it with plants and decor.

37) Drawers With Metal Accents

There's no better way to make a room stand out than by playing with different colors. This dark, wooden chest of drawers uses lighter, metallic accents (which offer a pop of color without clashing).

38) Blue Bedroom

If you use the right materials, you can create an industrial room that looks naturalistic and modern at the same time. This room contrasts the natural appearance of wood with dark blue bedspreads and pillows.

39) Grey and Green

Anyone that likes neutral colors will appreciate this simple bedroom design. It features cool, grey bedspreads and rugs, but shakes things up by throwing in a few green items.

40) Beauty In Blue

If you prefer a bright, optimistic bedroom vibe, you can't go wrong with blue and white. This room pairs light bedspreads and patterned pillows with fresh greenery and window views.

41) An Olive Green Haven

Olive green is one of those colors that immediately puts you at ease, which makes it great for bedroom decor. Since it's a bit strong, it's best to pair it with more neutral items (like metallic bed frames and lamps).

42) An Artist's Escape

Bedrooms offer a great space to showcase your favorite art. Whether that involves exuberant paintings and sculptures or casual room accents and trophies, it's best to let art shine by pairing it with neutral, industrial-style furniture.

43) Silver and Wood

The sleek shine of silver makes it the ideal contrast to dark, simplistic wood. You can see this fun juxtaposition play out in this elegant silver-and-wood bed frame.

44) An Open Space

One feature commonly found in industrial-style rooms is openness. This room limits items to the perimeter, which frees up the center. As an added bonus, it offers a healthy supply of natural light.

45) White and Black Lamp

This industrial bedside lamp features a sleek, black stand and a light, white lampshade. It integrates seamlessly with any nightstand and is useful for a bit of late-night reading.

46) A Minimalist's Dream

This industrial bedroom leans towards the minimalist side of things. By placing essential items and decorations on the nightstands, the floor remains spacious and open.

47) Metallic Bench

If you're looking for extra seating – but don't want to go with a traditional couch or chair – consider getting a bench. The sleek, metallic finish doubles as a seat and a storage space.

48) Metal Stool

This metal stool is a great representation of rustic merging with modernity. It features an old-fashioned, metallic exterior, but incorporates fancier elements like upholstery and wheels.

49) Stacked Trunks

Bring a creative flair to any bedroom by incorporating stacked industrial trunks. Not only do they make for a unique furniture item, but they can also be used to store items or display decorations.

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