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Five-Star Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel

One of the greatest joys that comes with having a place to call home is getting to share it with the people you love. You want to create a space that friends and family appreciate as much as you do, so they’ll keep coming back for more. To help you make your guest room feel like a five-star hotel, we’ve put together guest bedroom ideas that bring on the comfort, luxury and style. By transforming your guest bedroom into a complete retreat, you’ll ensure that nobody wants to leave.

1 | Don’t Skimp on the Decorative Details

Guest room decor is an important element in establishing an environment that feels warm and inviting. Items like mirrors, wall shelves and ladders that are layered with throw blankets take guest room design to the next level, as do small pieces like plants and books. You can also incorporate personal touches to help make this space feel special. Think picture frames, souvenirs from travels, and favorite scented candles.

2 | Keep Things Cozy with Seating

One of our favorite spare bedroom ideas that can turn your guest space into an absolute haven is simply adding a seating area. Whether you use chic dining chairs, cozy accent chairs or inspiring reading chairs, it’s easy to create the perfect spot for reflection and relaxation. This little escape also allows your guests to have a private getaway where they’re able to enjoy some time to themselves.

3 | Add a Storage Bench at the Foot of the Bed

When it comes to guest room ideas that truly add value, we believe a storage bench can make all the difference. Placed at the foot of a bed, this versatile design has the potential to act as seating and stow away space. It’s perfect for when guests need to put on their shoes, plus they can keep bags, hats and sweaters neatly hidden during their vacation.

4 | Throw in a Punch of Color

The list of guest room decor ideas continues with our suggestion to go ahead and punch things up with color. After all, what could make a guest feel more welcome than bright hues and splashes of personality? Feel free to dream up a guest room design that’s playful, whimsical and fun. This is your chance to try something different and to distinguish this space from the rest of your home.

5 | Cover Up the Windows

To create a beautiful guest bedroom that’s just as comfortable and equally functional, you need to have a plan for the windows. Natural light is always an asset, but controlling that light is essential for creating the ideal atmosphere. You can use drapery, blinds, shutters or shades to filter in as much or as little brightness depending on your design vision for the room.

6 | Create a Mini Workspace

When you think of guest room furniture that can truly elevate your space, an office chair and desk have the potential to make it infinitely more desirable and usable. Having a private, designated area to check emails and social media channels will take your guest room to the next level of convenience and comfort.

Home Office Guest Room Ideas (Home Office Guest Bedroom Ideas)

A home office guest room office acts as a twofer: you get the advantage of a spare, clean space for guests to utilize when they visit, plus a WFH space on non-guest-visiting days. Create your home office and guest room by arranging a desk opposite the bed; make the chair to go with the desk extra comfortable, since it will officially be a chair you'll need to work from home for hours at a time. The home office guest room combo only works if the vibe works, because as soon as the space starts feeling cramped or chaotic, it will be hard for guests to enjoy the space (and you to work in it). Always keep the color palette calm, let natural light in and keep the space airy and clean!

Home Office Spare Bedroom Ideas

Then, there's the spare bedroom. (Similar to the guest bedroom, but different in that it's used less for guests, more as your personal hobby room.) Since you won't have to worry so much about dual purposes here, the spare bedroom makes it easy to go all-in on a WFH space. Float the desk in the middle of the room (after removing any bed or other furniture!) to create a focused, larger home study; to really set it apart, devote a wall to a bookcase, and add office-relevant decorative objects such as globes, magnifying glasses, file cabinets and pen/desk organizers.

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