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Home Theater Ideas That Rival Going to The Movies

You may not be going to the movie theater anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the movie theater experience to you. Creating your very own home movie theater takes just a touch of creativity and a splash of imagination. Whether you want to convert an entire space into a theater room, or design a living room home theater, the possibilities are endless. So grab your popcorn and pick your favorite flick, because we’ve got home theater ideas that deserve top billing.

Front and Center

The best home theater is one that reflects what you love. A bold media center that brings wow factor to your wall will make your flat screen the star of the show. This home theater set up draws all attention to what you’re watching, but there’s also space for storing and displaying the special pieces that distinguish your personal viewing experience.

Open and Airy

If you envision your home cinema being a seamless and streamlined part of your space, a sleek modern TV console will allow you to bring that dream to life. Framing your feature presentation with open, airy shelving adds interest without distracting from the main attraction. Plus, keeping the color tones light makes everything look bigger, better and brighter.

Chic and Trendy

When it comes to home theater decor ideas, the sky’s the limit. You can match your home theater to your style and create a fresh, on-trend space that feels modern and stylish. All it takes to make a cool home theater is making it yours with carefully-chosen designs that are comfortable, personal and meaningful.

Cozy and Traditional

For a home theater layout that feels more like a traditional movie theater or screening room, you can incorporate rows of seating in a deep space. For the ultimate luxury experience, reclining sofas, reclining loveseats with consoles and recliners offer a sense of indulgence. Building a home theater is all about finding the items that deliver moviegoing flair.

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