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10 Best Reclining Sofas + Buying Guide

With the touch of a button, reclining sofas give you (and your guests) an all-access pass to accessible living room comfort. Here are some of the best reclining sofas, the most frequently asked questions about these popular designs – and your guide to choosing one for your space.

The Best Reclining Sofas

The only list you’ll ever need in your search for the perfect reclining sofa. From features like power adjustable headrests, high performance fabric, padded armrests and tech-friendly designs, each of these reclining sofas also comes at great value, so you can shop guilt-free. Here, we’re breaking down our top ten (in no particular order) by best features, size and verified customer reviews. Click on any product name to learn more about the product and click on any image to see similar designs. Now, get to browsing – and get that much closer to your ultimate living room lounge experience!

Best Leather Reclining Sofas

Best Features: USB - Adjustable headrests - Top grain leather
Size: 85"W x 43"D x 43"H
Verified customer review: “Purchased the sofa and matching loveseat. Far exceeded my expectations. I obviously test drove both in the store, but still surprised at how much I enjoy them in the family room. All the functions are very smooth and close to silent. The seating areas are wide and plush. The material feels more like calf skin than standard leather. Have yet to see any stitching or material flaws. Enjoying the comfort of these every day and so do my visitors.” - fred
Best Features: USB - Tapered legs - Statement hue
87"W x 38"D x 40"H
Verified customer review: “We bought this set after shopping for months. So glad we finally decided to buy the Moana taupe recliners and loveseat. The color is beautiful. The style fits our rustic yet classy decor. So comfortable and would recommend this set for a smaller family room like ours. We bought 2 recliners and the loveseat instead of the sofa to save room. So happy with our purchase. We always buy from Living Spaces and will again in the future. 5 stars.” – lb78

Best Power Reclining Sofas

Best Features: USB - Versatile size
Size: 87"W x 38"D x 40"H
Verified customer review: “We have had this sofa for a couple weeks now and LOVE it! It's very comfortable both upright and reclined. The leather is beautiful, and we love the look of it. It's hard to find a good-looking recliner that is has clean lines like this and is affordable. Great bang for your buck!e..” - Stephanie S90
Best Features: Padded armrests and headrests - Mid-size
Size: 86.5"W x 40"D x 40.5"H
Verified customer review: “Stylish and incredibly comfortable. Push of a button comfort for reclining, visiting friends, reading, or watching TV. Like the center console, built-in cup holders, plenty of room for storage and the phone recharging dock is great.” - Kath

Top-Rated Reclining Sofas

Best Features: Tight back - USB
85"W x 43"D x 43"H
Verified customer review: “Amazingly comfortable couch. I love that it is also not one of those bulky leather couches that tend to hang out all over the place after a while. This one is solidly built, the end seats are recliners so it needs to be 6 inches from the wall. This one will last a good while, I'm sure.” - DiggerG
Best Features: Padded armrests and headrests - Vegan leather
Size: 86.5"W x 40"D x 40.5"H
Verified customer review: “The same recliner was in the unit we rented this past spring. We liked it so much we asked the owner where she got it and it is now in our family room. And the delivery team was very good too!” - Macoo
Best Features: High performance fabric - Spacious seats
Size: 90"W x 40"D x 41.5"H
Verified customer review: “We were looking for a smaller sized couch/loveseat, and this fit our dimensions perfectly. The reclining function works great and the center console provides great storage as well as power and USB outlets to charge your phone or other devices. I feel like this couch is a good value for what you receive.” – Matt
Best Features: USB - Grey color - Compact size
Size: 85"W x 42"D x 30"H
Verified customer review: “We absolutely love this set! The style is perfect for a modern motif, and these are very comfortable! The wide, flat arms and headrest that folds back flat provide a super sleek, low-profile look that makes any room feel bigger (and provides natural areas to set remotes, acts as a quick/temporary sitting spot, etc.). We love how the recliner completely folds under and hides to make these look like a standard, raised couch; and the backs automatically raise as you recline to create the perfect viewing position (which is adjustable).” – JeremyH
Best Features: Padded arms - Foam cushions - Big size
93"W x 41"D x 42"H
Verified customer review: “After purchasing the Stoneland rocker/recliner, we then purchased the matching loveseat! Was so happy: both in stock, fast, speedy delivery. I was so happy and impressed with the price and I did do a lot of research and comparison. Living Spaces won me over right away. Best combo purchase and decision I could have made. From online chat to actual delivery, customer service was great. I'm very pleased with my purchase.” - Grandma

Best Features: High performance fabric - Adjustable headrests – USB
Size: 88"W x 40"D x 40"H
Verified customer review: “From the in-store associate to the delivery of the furniture, this was a wonderful experience. The products are very well-made & comfortable. The sales associate was very helpful & knowledgeable. The delivery team was prompt & courteous.” - Catrina

What is a wall hugger reclining sofa?

A wall hugger feature in a reclining sofa makes the entire sofa move forward as it reclines. This allows you to place the sofa closer to the wall – without having to worry about whether or not it will “bump into” the wall when it’s reclined.

What Is a Reclining Sofa Console?

A console in furniture, whether reclining or stationary, is a storage compartment built into the furniture piece. It usually serves as an armrest between two seats in a sofa and can open up from the top to hold items like drinks, remotes and snacks. Designed for movie-watching and casual lounging, consoles are an added bonus to traditional reclining designs.

Do reclining sofas come apart?

Reclining sofas do come apart. In fact, almost every reclining sofa does not come assembled, and assembly will often require locking the seats together via connector units.

How do you style a recliner sofa?

For some, styling a furniture piece as big as a reclining sofa can be daunting. Here are some simple steps for incorporating one into your home.

How do I make my recliner sofa look good?

  • If the recliner is NOT a wall hugger, take into account how far the recliner needs to be from a wall so that it can recline fully (without hitting the wall). In typical designs, the amount of space needed will usually be around five to ten inches.
  • Take advantage of throw pillows. Most recliner sofas are neutral-hued, a.k.a. lacking in the color department. Don’t be afraid to “brighten up” by layering on a colorful pillow or two!
  • Pair with a recliner chair. A reclining sofa goes with a recliner chair like two peas in a pod. (While there’s nothing wrong with a reclining sofa by itself, adding an extra chair can prove good “insurance” for when you’re entertaining and need extra seating.)

Are recliner sofas any good?

Recliner sofas essentially merge all the familiar comforts of a recliner – with the spacious seating capacities of a sofa. As such, they remain one of the most popular designs for living room seating.
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