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Decor Ideas for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarians are quick-witted, fun-loving and deep thinkers. Here, we’ve assembled an easy guide to creating the ideal Sagittarius habitat – from furniture types down to wall decor ideas; get inspired, and start decorating today!

About the Sagittarius Sign

Born November 22 to December 21, the Sagittarius sign is a lifelong learner and explorer. Those born under the Sagittarius, a fire sign, are the life of the party; they have a quick wit and a knack for conversation. The crux of the Sagittarius? A deep love for the pursuit of knowledge. ‘Outgoing, thoughtful and idealistic’ just about sums up this amicable star sign!

Sagittarius Room Colors

This sign is represented by purple and light blue – playful yet focused. If purple furniture is too bold for your style, try small-scale decor, like a purple vase or purple dish.

Sagittarius Style Ideas

Sagittarians are outgoing and friendly and love to travel; their style is playful, filled with color – and a little bit boho-inspired. Bring in decor that tells stories. A Sagittarian will choose handcrafted artisanship over factory manufacturing, every time. Choose objects for their exoticism; incorporate tribal patterns, cultural art and souvenirs from global travels.

Sagittarius Room Decor . . . Here’s What to Avoid: While Sagittarians love entertaining, they’re philosophizers at heart. Try devoting at least one room of your home to a library for study or reading. Don’t have a room to spare? Keep yourself surrounded by your beloved book collection: incorporate bookcases, wall shelves and etageres throughout every room of your home!
Sagittarians often have the wanderlust blues – luckily, wall art options serve up a remedy (at least temporarily). Try paintings of roads, automobiles and landscapes. You can even press exotic flowers under glass, or create shadowboxes to preserve your favorite travel memories.

Sagittarius Wall Decor

Picture-Route 66 Ride

Get it Oct 05 - Oct 09

60X40 The Blue Sea

Get it Oct 02 - Oct 06

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