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Decor Ideas for Virgo Zodiac Sign

Ever wish you could step into a room, and feel immediately like you belong? It’s not the stuff of urban legends – it’s a thing that can be accomplished with the right colors and styles for your personality traits. Here’s a complete breakdown of the Virgo personality – and our top tips for decorating accordingly.

About the Virgo Sign

Virgo, an earth sign, is associated with wheat and agriculture. Born August 23 – September 22, and guided by Mercury, Virgos are rooted in logic and systems. Virgos possess a social magnetism; people are often drawn to a Virgo’s keen insight and empathy.

Virgo Room Colors

Cool, collected and always in style, blue and grey are the colors of a Virgo’s soul. Opt for tonal shades of grey or light brown in upholstery, furniture and rugs to create the simplicity a Virgo craves. Bring in pops of blue through pillows, art and decor.

Virgo Style Ideas

Analytical, detail-oriented and always collected, Virgos appreciate an organized space. Simplicity plays a key role; no other sign strives for perfectionism as much as Virgo. Fresh, open and brightly-lit are a few of the core themes of a Virgo’s perfect habitat.

Virgo Room Decor . . . Here's What to Avoid: Avoid too many decorations. Instead of accessorizing with objects, focus on structural details like tiling, lighting, and wall paint colors. Play with natural light through sheer drapes, and incorporate plants and fresh flowers wherever possible.
To a Virgo, there’s nothing better than waking up in the morning feeling fresh with possibility. One way to help create that feeling is through inspiring wall decor. Try colorful paintings in shades of blue that make a splash, balanced with calming earth tones like brown, grey and beige.

Virgo Wall Decor

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