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Decor Ideas for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

The cosmos called, and it wants you to redecorate. Here’s how to get the ultimate Scorpio look – by styles, colors, artwork and more. Happy decorating!

About the Scorpio Sign

A water sign and the eighth sign in the astrological Zodiac, Scorpio sign is passionate and powerful – often mirroring the traits of a typical fire sign. Born October 23 to November 21 and ruled by Pluto, this sign is fiercely focused, yet secretive. While most famously the sign of the Scorpion, a Scorpio’s planetary orbit also encompasses the Snake, Eagle and Phoenix.

Scorpio Room Colors

Burgundy is a Scorpio’s color. Incorporate this deep, mysterious, complex color through artwork, throw pillows and bedding.

Scorpio Style Ideas

When decorating for the Scorpio zodiac sign, think intense. Include palettes of dark colors like black and burgundy. Include rich materials – think velvet and leather. For a pop of pattern, incorporate a Persian rug; the Middle Eastern influence and intricate details will add just the right amount of mystery and intrigue. Diffuse fragrances with warm, spicy notes. Amber, vanilla and wood are at once sweet, mysterious and intense – just like the Scorpio itself.

Scorpio Room Decor . . . Here’s What to Avoid: Avoid open or shared spaces. Avoid distracting or competing aesthetics. Stick to one cohesive style, one cohesive color palette. Avoid “fun” colors like hot pink and bright yellow. Avoid clutter. Avoid bright or harsh lighting. Incorporate mood lighting through dimmers and colored lampshades and candles. Finally, avoid sheer drapes – and try instead heavy velvet curtains.
In terms of wall art for the Scorpio sign, try lakes, oceans and rivers. In terms of wall decor, try exotic pieces like ornate tapestries or spiritual tableaus with a little bit of mystery.

Scorpio Wall Decor

Picture-Ocean Blur 60X40

Get it Sep 29 - Oct 03

52X42 Tree In Lake

Get it Oct 02 - Oct 06

Grey 36 Inch Metal Wall Art

Get it Sep 25 - Sep 29

35X35 Sounds Of The Sea

Get it Oct 02 - Oct 06

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