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Decor Ideas for Libra Zodiac Sign

Creating the perfect home for a Libra starts with a pretty color palette. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

About the Libra Zodiac Sign

Born September 23 to October 23, this air sign is ruled by Venus, a.k.a. the planet of love and beauty. A social butterfly, Libras thrive in relationships. Libras also possess natural instincts for arts and aesthetic.

Libra Room Colors

Purples, blues and pastel pinks mirror a Libra’s sensitive nature. The most artistic of all the zodiac signs, a Libra will feel most at home surrounded by light and playful colors.

Libra Style Ideas

Like the sign itself, Libra style is charming, beautiful and organized. As long as they get to play with a little bit of glamour, Libra personalities are happy with either modern or vintage. Balance is at the core of a Libra. As a result, symmetry is key when styling a Libra’s home. Create open spaces to reflect Libra harmony.

Libra Room Decor . . . Here's What to Avoid: With Libra, balance is key. Avoid too much of the same color. While Libras love decor, it’s also easy for them to get disorganized. Create a space a Libra will love coming home to everyday by decluttering. Avoid tchotchkes and knickknacks; focus on simplicity.

Finally, since Libras are energized by relationships, their furniture placement should be conducive to conversations. A home filled with lots of seating for friends and family is a Libra’s ideal!

Libra Wall Decor

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To a Libra, walls are nothing more than an artist’s canvas. As such, Libras know that wall art isn’t the only way to fill in blank spaces! Hanging up a metal sign, 3D objects, even a tapestry alongside traditional framed art is satisfying for a Libra.

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