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9 Bedroom Update Ideas & Easy Makeover Buys

Start a new bedroom look with these nine bedroom update ideas.

1. Statement Wall Mirror

Hang a new wall mirror above a nightstand, dresser, chest or bed. For an updated look, try a fun shape such as a diamond, hexagon or square silhouette. If you’re itching for a redesign but don’t want to spend so much, a mirror is the perfect buy – it’s simple, affordable and light-enhancing. Not sure which mirror to match? Opt for a dresser and mirror set or a bedroom set with mirror to keep the shopping as simple as possible.

2. Accent Pillows

If you’re ready for a bedroom change, accent pillows should be the first thing you look into! Perhaps the best thing about accent pillows is that they are an easy seasonal item – making your bedroom feel different, without costing as much as a new furniture buy. Try giant accent pillows for a hotel-worthy bed look, or throw small sizes onto an accent chair or bench. If it’s a master bedroom and you have the space, a bedroom loveseat, settee or even a small sofa adds a luxurious seating area – especially when it’s styled with comfy pillows!

3. Wall Art

Wall art is a simple upgrade that is also affordable – it also makes the biggest splash compared to every other accent piece you can think of. (Pillows, blankets, even accent furniture designs like stools and benches don’t grab attention quite like wall art!) One of the reasons this is so is because a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. Wall art depicts feelings and moods, so use this to your advantage by choosing a print or canvas of an image you love.

4. Statement Headboard

Instead of buying a new bed, buy a new headboard – it’s a simple upgrade that doesn’t cost as much as footboard, bed frame, headboard and side rails combined. The options are unlimited for style and color; options to choose from include tufted patterns, fabric upholstery (such as velvet), raw wood and big, tall, small and short sizes (and everything in between). For an enhanced look, pair it with a matching footboard, bedspread, accent chair or bench, or keep it simple with headboard only. Since the bed is the biggest piece in a room, adding a statement headboard will capture the attention, turning a tired bedroom vibe on its head.

5. Bright Nightstand

Brightening up the look of your bedroom starts with bright bedroom upgrades – bright colors like bright white, yellow, blue and violet. In the furniture, stick to bright white if you want a bright bedroom look, as white also acts as a neutral and won’t overwhelm. (White furniture is also easier to find than furniture in colors). Here, a bright white nightstand is simple and fresh, thanks to a flat face and symmetrical shape. (For a more soothing tone, try a shade in ivory.) For add-ons like throw blankets, pillows and decorative jewelry boxes, infuse splashes of color!

6. End-of-Bed Bench

An end-of-bed bench is an upgrade you’ll be grateful you made every single day after you’ve bought it. When they offer storage, end-of-bed benches are a triple threat – they store blankets, bedding, pillows and all your other bedroom what-have-you’s; they provide a perch for putting on/taking off shoes and socks; and they double as decorative counter space for an item like a decorative tray, stuffed animal or throw blanket. End-of-bed-benches also provide the same kind of seating an accent chair would while taking up less space and often costing less, making them the ultimate upgrade that pays off.

7. Accent Chair

If you want a designated space for reading, watching TV, talking on the phone and just general relaxing, you need an accent chair. And if you already have a designated chair for all of the above but it’s the same one you’ve had for ten years, then your chair just may be the culprit for a boring bedroom look. Try a trendy look that might feel a little out of your comfort zone at first (such as a chair with tapered legs or velvet upholstery); if worst comes to worst, replacing a bedroom chair after a season or two is incredibly easy and budget-friendly thanks to affordable price points.

8. New Throw Blanket

Nothing is more fun than a new throw blanket! (Well, perhaps there are a few things – like a new puppy or kitten, but a cuddly throw blanket is a close second.) Whether you receive one as a gift or purchase one for your bedroom, it can be easy to want to use it every day for curling up with at night for warmth. Actually, curling up with the same throw blanket night after night is a fast track to wearing it out, and a worn-out blanket styled on a bed just doesn’t look all that great. Instead, keep two throws; let one be your sleeping blanket and the other your bedroom style blanket!

9. New Table Lamp

Finally, try a table lamp as a fresh bedroom upgrade. Table lamps will get you just the right amount of reading and watching-TV light. Table lamp shades also make for a softer bedroom glow, making it easier to exhale after a long day. Find a design you like and prop it on a bedside table or nightstand. Pictured above, a grey glass lamp contrasts with a rustic wood nightstand.

Bedroom Update Ideas

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