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15 Best Throw Pillows - The Official List

Having trouble deciding on the perfect throw pillow for your sofa, accent chair or bed? (Your search is about to get a whole lot easier.) The best throw pillows of 2022 are revealed in this Top 15 list – check out the customer favorites below.
For our official list of the best throw pillows of 2022, we crunched the numbers: based on factors including customer reviews, number of ratings, popularity in sales and personal feedback from our stylists, we came up with eleven distinct designs for eight categories – and a total of fifteen category winners. In each of the categories below, you’ll see pillows broken down by features like pattern, feel, size, color and style to help you better sift through the list and find the design most suitable for your lifestyle. Not sure where to start? Start with the table of contents above; click on any category to be taken straight to the featured products within it.

The Official List of Best Throw Pillows of 2022 (+ Why You Need It)

Throw pillows are throw pillows, right? Wrong! Just because throw pillows are affordable (buying lunch is likely to set you back more than buying a throw pillow!) doesn’t make them any less important to your style and comfort than the furniture on which they’re placed. (In fact, buying the wrong throw pillow can go so far as to have detrimental effects on your style and undo all the hard work you put into choosing just the right furniture.) And while you can scroll, until your head hurts, through hundreds and hundreds of throw pillows in the hopes of finding the one, we don’t recommend it. So – close out all the other browser tabs, windows or bookmarks you have open, because there’s only one list you need to know about in your pillow-making decision (and you’re looking right at it)!

Best Overall

Grey & Taupe Boucle Stripes

Size: 18"X18"
Best Features: Medium size - Cozy texture
The perfect pop of texture, pattern and neutral hues comes in the form of the Grey & Taupe Boucle Stripes pillow. The particular blend of fabric and shades also makes it feel seasonal – for all seasons. (In the fall and winter months the fringed stripes feel cozy and festive, and in spring and summer the neutral hues feel light and fresh.

Borough Indigo Stripes

Size: 20"X20"
Best Feature: Subtle blue color
This affordable darling makes adding a fresh blue tint to your living room, bedroom or office a breeze. One of the best features is the way the top and bottom fade out from dark blue to light blue, over a rustic geometric print, and its big size makes it extremely cuddle-worthy.)

Best for a Pop of Color

Mermaid Sequin

Size: 18"X18"
Best Features: Sequins - Luxe gold
Perfect for the glam-seeker! Opt for the Mermaid Sequin to infuse shine, glitz and, above all, a plushness to any sofa or made bed. Thanks to a uniquely textured design, the color of this pillow can also change from gold to lustrous silver, based on the way you swipe it.

Champagne Pillow

Size: 18"X18"
Best Features: Slight sheen - Simple design
A pop of color doesn’t have to feel kiddish; for those trying their best to make their home feel more ‘grown-up,’ the Champagne pillow is the perfect route, looking as sophisticated as it feels.

Best Value

Silver Pillow

Size: 18"X18"
Best Feature: Glam-style grey
For the price, this one shouldn’t look and feel luxurious, but it does. Taking affordability and value to the extreme, it’s also the perfect option for those looking to amp up their neutrals.

Champagne Pillow

Size: 18"X18"
Best Features: Slight sheen - Simple design
If a little bit of warmth is more your vibe, the Champagne pillow delivers. This beautiful color, brought out by minimalist pleated lines, contrasts nicely with grey, brown and white upholstery.

Best for a Neutral Palette

Chestnut Leather Lumbar

Size: 14"X26"
Best Feature: Leather cover - Warm neutral
Nowadays, highly luxurious means highly comfortable, an idea best represented by the Chestnut pillow. Leather material and lumbar support are known for their luxe comfort, separately. Put them together, and you get something you won't want to miss out on. Our advice? Don’t miss out on this unique design, which is sure to prove your best asset for style and lounge.

Grey & Taupe Boucle Stripes

Size: 18"X18"
Best Features: Medium size - Cozy texture
This design is charming in all ways possible, despite (or perhaps, because of) its neutral hue. Without color, the cozy stripes of texture make a bigger statement – and a versatile one at that, which blends in with every style.

Best for Kids

Mermaid Sequin

Size: 18"X18"
Best Features: Sequins - Changeable colors
The Mermaid Sequin’s changeable colors make it the perfect design for kids, who will love playing with the fibers to make drawings or messages throughout the day. For all of its modern simplicity, this one’s anything but boring.

Best for Modern Style

Monaco by Nate & Jeremiah

Size: 22"X22"
Best Features: Accent dark - Big size
The Monaco by Nate & Jeremiah is the perfect rescue for light-colored couches with light-colored pillows; its darker vibe defines space and contrasts against other colors. Once again, Nate and Jeremiah have done it, this time with a classic statement hue over an ultra-comfy fill.

Borough Indigo Stripes

Size: 20"X20"
Best Feature: Subtle blue color
A rustic-modern space fares beautifully with the indigo stripes of the Borough pillow, which playfully contrast with anything and everything set beside it. Its big size ensures it won’t get lost among a sea of cushions, and its affordability rate has made it a bestseller going on years.

Best for Boho Style

Braided Stripes Tassel Corners

Size: 20"X20"
Best Features: Decorative braiding - Boho tassels
For the hyper-bohemian, the name of the Braided Stripes Tassel Corners pillow says it all – it’s got stripes for pattern, braids for 3D texture and corner tassels for movement. The only thing the name doesn’t mention is its color: a refreshing sequence of beige, white and dark grey.

Black Tassels

Size: 18"X18”
Best Features: Versatile black hue - Boho tassels
Like all good throw pillows, the Black Tassels is a workhorse: it’s simple, decorative and affordable (meaning it can be brought in for certain months and swapped out for others, whenever you need a change of scenery). It’s not for no reason that it’s a bestseller – it’s loaded with accent tassels, fun prints and stitches and comfy-cozy vibes.


Graphite Fur

Size: 20"X20”
Best Features: Ultra soft - Furry texture
From the moment your eyes land on the Graphite Fur, it’s hard to not want to touch it. And from the moment you touch it, it’s hard to stop running your fingers through it. It’s so cozy and huggable, in fact, that it’s probably more akin to a teddy bear – and should really be on a list of best plush toys rather than throw pillows.

Sheepskin by Nate & Jeremiah

Size: 22"X22”
Best Features: Cozy feel - Moldable inserts
With Nate & Jeremiah, you can expect nothing less than the best in quality and style. Featuring a soothing cream color, luxurious cover and ultra-soft pillow fill, the Sheepskin by Nate & Jeremiah is like a contouring memory foam mattress in decorative pillow form.

Choosing a Throw Pillow for Your Home

Choosing throw pillows for a sofa, you’ll want to keep in mind a few simple tricks for creating a stylish aesthetic. Since throw pillows are designed to pop in pattern and color, your best bet is to choose one that contrasts with your sofa. (If your sofa is white, opt for a dark pillow, or if it is black, opt for a light pillow.) While texture is another consideration, it’s not as important as color. In fact, clashing textures (pairing throw pillows of two different textures) can actually create depth and add more definition to style (read: it’s chic). Finally, vary your sizes if you’re buying more than one; big and small pillows next to each other bring out the best of each other!

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