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Retreat Yourself: 6 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Hotel Suite

There are countless reasons to need a vacation. Perhaps you want to explore a new destination, immerse yourself in a different culture or discover a unique cuisine. Our favorite reason to escape, however, is simple . . . the hotel bedroom. From luxury amenities, to boutique-style comforts, hotel room design is known for offering a sense of indulgence. But who says you have to get away to have it all? By investing in a few sumptuous essentials, you can create your own hotel-inspired bedroom that spoils you all year round.

1 | Cozy Bedding

One of the reasons why hotel beds are so comfortable has to do with the actual bedding they use. In addition to high quality, you want to look for exceptional durability and cleanability. Many hotels use a blissful combination of down comforters and cotton duvet covers to create the ultimate cocoon you’ll love curling up in. A soft yet sturdy feel is key to finding the perfect set for your retreat.

2 | Deluxe Mattress

Many of us wonder which mattresses hotels use because they always seem to be softer, loftier, flufflier and dreamier. The truth is, every hotel is different, however you’ll notice a few commonalities. A lot of them incorporate premium features like pillow tops, memory foam and pocketed coils, which provide a comfier, more luxurious experience. There’s also details like foam mattresses with motion reduction, temperature regulation and contouring support.

3 | Dreamy Sheets

The moment you dive into a hotel bed after a long, busy day of exploring, you’re met with the soothing feel and welcoming appeal of dreamy white sheets that are silky soft and simply irresistible. If you’re curious as to why hotel sheets are so comfortable, we can tell you that it’s no accident. They typically have a thread count of at least 300 and are made with luxurious materials like sateen and percale.

4 | Plush Pillows

To complete the luxurious hotel bedroom experience, you need to make a complete bed, which includes white pillows. We’re used to making suggestions based on what kind of sleeper you are, but when it comes to hotel pillows, there’s a universal criteria they must meet to provide all-encompassing support. Since memory foam pillows conform to your head, neck and shoulders for customized comfort, they’re a people pleaser and therefore our top recommendation.

5 | Mood Lighting

A crucial element of hotel room decoration - or any room decoration for that matter - is lighting. You want to both set the right mood and provide enough illumination for important tasks. In addition to overhead fixtures, table lamps will help set an atmosphere that’s warm, cozy and inviting. For a modern hotel room look, you can opt for sculptural designs that display neutral colors or bold metals.

6 | Heavenly Headboard

To create a true hotel look in your bedroom, you need the perfect hotel headboard. Not only does it serve as a spot to rest against, it acts as a bold focal point for the entire space. The best hotel bedroom ideas include incorporating a centerpiece that grounds the area while making a statement. We especially love an upholstered design that continues the theme of softness, luxury and style.

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