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What Your Sofa Style Says About You

Your choice of sofa style could say more about you than you realize. Here’s a list of eight popular styles – and a brief breakdown of the personality types most compatible with each one. Read on to discover your sofa match-made-in-heaven!

1. Chesterfield

Poise guides your choices, and you’re partial to anything old-fashioned and glamourous – particularly, the fashion and style that defined Hollywood’s Golden Age. You know the name of your favorite shade of lipstick (or the make of your stately pocket square) by heart, and you never leave the house without it.  In short, you have an eye for the finer things, and feel most at home when surrounded by a hint of elegance.
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2. Nailhead

Your style can be best defined as comfort with an edge. ‘Dressy casual’ is your go-to fashion vibe; thanks to your knack for accessorizing, you can pull off the ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ look anytime, anywhere – from grocery runs to nights on the town. The choices you make in life tend to combine the familiar with the exciting and can best be summed up in your idea of the perfect Friday night: staying at home – to entertain guests with a dinner party très chic!

3. Mid-Century Modern Style

While all things sleek and modern seem to call you by name, you also can’t resist keeping an eye out for vintage scores in your local thrift shop – and nothing brings you more joy than an afternoon spent scouring the web for retro design inspiration. You gravitate towards ‘bright’ and ‘airy’ aesthetics. Minimalism,’ after all, is your middle name – your bookshelves and countertops are almost completely bare but for a few en vogue statement decorations –, and in your mind, clutter is a vice. If professional organizing isn’t what you’ve chosen as a career, you’ve definitely considered it at some point. When all is said and done, you love a nostalgic throwback to the ‘good ol’ days’ when life seemed to move just a little bit slower – and style seemed just a little more refined.

4. Bright

A social butterfly at heart, you appreciate a good party – whether dinner, cocktail or even video game. Two things in life tend to keep you content: surrounding yourself with the people you love most, and an outlet (or two, or ten) for your creative passions. You’re constantly bubbling with ideas – from plot lines for your screenplay to how you plan on celebrating your next birthday. In interior design, fashion, art and architecture, you gravitate towards color – the brighter and more whimsical, the louder it says you.

5. Modular

You’re a busy bee, to cut to the chase – a skill you’re particularly good at, thanks to years of multi-tasking and laser-focused hard work. You have a keen eye for reading others’ emotions; it tends to be easy to make friends and adapt to a variety of different social situations and personality types. At your core, you are an extrovert – but you also know how to be reserved when needed. Always, though, you exude confidence, and every choice you make, from design to fashion to work, reflects a bold, unapologetic way of life.

6. Futon

From your wardrobe to your furniture and even to your online presence, you’ve worked hard to garner a reputation of sophistication – with charm. Dressing completely professional, acting always en garde, playing entirely by-the-book is, to you, boring. Your ears perk up at a good ‘dad joke’ – at which you’re always ready to come back with an even wittier punchline, if you do say so yourself! You’re practical and hardworking – but prefer to go off the beaten path when possible. You possess a laidback personality – bringing an effortless approachability to the sleek, refined aesthetic you put out into the world.

7. Sleeper

A day spent finishing a jigsaw puzzle or solving a complex mathematical equation is, to you a day well-spent. You’re logical-minded, always looking for ways to maximize productivity, condense to-do lists and minimize unnecessary mental and physical clutter. At the same time, you’re hyper-tuned to the needs of others – especially when entertaining. Making sure your guests are comfortable is your top priority, and you take pride in the look and feel of your home. Physical space, whether at home or in public, is important to you, and you have a proclivity for feng shui and keeping a peaceful vibe in all areas of your life. If it isn’t already in the current one, a professional interior designer or architect is your most likely choice of trade in an alternate universe!

8. Power Reclining with USB

No matter where you are, you know how to relax. In all situations, you have a knack for seeking out the most laidback of personalities, most satisfying of foods and, perhaps most importantly, the comfiest of seats. The simple truth is that you’ve refined lounging to a science – no one lounges harder than you. You’re a go-with-the-flow kind of guy or gal, and if there’s one thing others can say about you, it’s that you’re not hard to please – as long as you’ve got a place to kick back and prop up your feet!

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