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Try Out This Season’s Freshest Color Combination

As warm weather color combos go, green and white could not be more fresh or more classic for this season. On the one hand, green has seen an uptick in popularity since “Greenery” was named Pantone Color of the Year in 2017. On the other hand, the two hues are timeless together and evoke an appreciation of the outdoors and a love of natural beauty. You can take this color palette tropical or rustic, bold or understated, casual or formal. The possibilities are endless and so is the style potential for your home.

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What Does Green Symbolize?

Meant to represent health and healing, among other things, the color green is also associated with nature, money, growth, and safety. When you use green in your space, you encourage an emotionally positive atmosphere, as well as an environment of balance and harmony. It inspires mental and physical relaxation, eases depression and anxiety, and sparks a sense of freedom and renewal.

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What Does White Symbolize?

The color of purity and perfection, white creates an environment of order, cleanliness, and efficiency. White also signifies blank slates and new beginnings and instills a sense of peace and calm. As a reflective color, white inspires openness and creativity and amplifies everything it’s paired with. If you use too much white, you run the risk of making things feel to sterile, cold and empty, so it’s best to mix it up and pair white with other colors.

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Go Big: Green in Large Doses

If you’re seriously committed to going green in your home, there are plenty of ways to make a big and bold statement. Painting an accent wall - even an entire room - is one way to transform your space in grand fashion. You can also find large-scale furniture pieces or expansive rugs in shades of green. Just be sure to sprinkle in a few white items to keep this color combo going strong.

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Play it Safe: White in Large Doses

Using white as your primary color may be more comfortable for you, especially if going big and bright is not your thing. Keeping your walls and foundation pieces neutral is key and will probably come more naturally to you anyways. Luckily, green is a great accent color, which you can find in tons of decorative pieces. You can even use plants - real or faux - as a way to add life and vivacity to your home.

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