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City Style: Create a Ventura Inspired Space

Cool off with decor inspired by Ventura – and all the laidback vibes associated with this peaceful surfing city.
One of those quiet, ‘tucked-away’ cities, Ventura may not always get the same attention as other SoCal beach towns, but once you visit it, it’s hard not to fall in love. Whether it is the breezy climate, friendly community or incredible coastline, there’s something about Ventura that has earned it a reputation of being one of the best places to live in the U.S.  Get inspired by the “City of Good Fortune” – from its laidback ambiance to beautiful views – and learn how to incorporate a piece of its charm into your home!

Laidback & Neutral

Mimic the sandy beaches and trails of the Ventura terrain, and keep your room light and fresh all year long, with a neutral palette – but don’t forget to also incorporate any one of Ventura’s rainbow of colors. From the orange of a warm sunset to the blue of the ocean on a clear day, there’s vivid color to be seen everywhere you look in this remarkable city, so bring some of it indoors with colorful accents and home decor!

Hide-and-Go Teak

When it comes to breezy-, casual-, summertime-chic, a little teak goes a long way. Incorporate a teakwood accent chair or end table for a pop of coastal elegance.

Summertime Vibes

Like any local knows, there’s nothing like grabbing a breakfast burrito from one of the boardwalk eateries after a good surf session in Ventura. But if you can’t squeeze “surfing the Ventura coast” into your regular morning routine, opt for the next best thing: waking up to Ventura surf-inspired bedroom decor, and enjoying good breakfast grub on coastal-inspired dining furniture.

With its friendly community, breathtaking views and ‘endless summer’ feel, there’s no doubt about it: Ventura is one of California’s best-kept secrets. And if the peaceful vibe of this laidback surf town is anything, it’s contagious; in no city is it easier to let the local ambiance inspire you – and your space. See where a dose of Ventura inspiration takes you; experience for yourself the coastal designs from this article, and many more, by visiting a Living Spaces showroom near you today.

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