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City Style: Create a Texas-Inspired Space

Interior design, Texas style. Everything you need to know about country charm and how to incorporate it into your space.

1. Go Big

From the small town charm of the sprawling Texan countryside to the bustling metroplex of Dallas, San Antonio and Austin (to name a few) – and all the mouthwatering food along the way – you can’t deny that everything really does feel bigger and better in Texas.
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But the appealing comforts of Texan living – which make Texas one of America’s most popular tourist destinations each year – doesn’t have to end when you get home. Follow these design tips to take any interior to the next level of good ol’ fashioned Texan charm, so you can live bigger and better – no matter where you are!

2. Countryside Calm

‘Countrify’ your home living with breezy neutrals like beige, white and grey for a calm open-prairie aesthetic
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3. Homestead Comforts

A Texas-inspired dining area, complete with rustic wood finishes and ranch-life decor, makes it easy to enjoy the company of good friends – as you dig into great barbeque.

4. Lone Star Charm

Take ‘Lone Star’ style vintage with farmhouse decor. Cowhide rugs and shabby-chic patriotic decor are reminiscent of olden farm days, while accent chairs with traditional details like spindle silhouettes give a Southern elegance.

5. Life on the Ranch

If there’s one thing you can learn from living on a Texas ranch, it’s how to simplify your life. Do away with clutter and non-essentials – anything that doesn’t serve a basic purpose – and go big on warmth. Pair rich colors like dark brown and charcoal with distressed, simplified textures to create a special kind of ‘cozy’ – one that any Texan rancher would be proud to call ‘home.’
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Love what you see? Whether you’re visiting the Lone Star state or are Texas born-and-raised, be sure to check out the designs from this article - and more - at a Living Spaces showroom in Pflugerville or San Antonio.

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