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west coast vs. east coast style

Is Your Style West Coast or East Coast?

It’s a question as old as time: Which coast is the best coast? While it’s easy to side with the region you live in, there should be more to it than that, especially when it comes to choosing your style. Both the West Coast and East Coast have their own distinct looks and vibes, and you don’t have to be a local to identify with them. Check out our breakdown of both West Coast and East Coast styles to see where your heart and home truly belong.

West Coast = Wow Patterns

West Coast homes are known for their laidback, casual energy and from that springs a creative, carefree approach to decorating. So when it comes to patterns, the motto is often the bolder, the better. Whether it’s an exotic mudcloth-inspired wallpaper, a southwestern rug or a tropical pillow, West Coast prints are always fresh and always adventurous.

East Coast = Play-It-Safe Patterns

The East Coast has a reputation for elegance and sophistication. Homes there tend to be older, so naturally, they have a more traditional look and feel. To match that vibe, patterns are on the formal side. Florals, trellis prints and stripes are classic and chic, and that is exactly what East Coast style is all about. 

West Coast = Au Naturel Decor

Thanks to perpetually warm weather, West Coast dwellers enjoy the great outdoors all year round. With so much time spent outside, the design philosophy focuses on bringing in as much of that natural goodness as possible. From reclaimed wood tables to jute rugs, the materials often honor mother nature.

East Coast = Oh-So-Fancy Decor

We associate ceremony and formality with the East Coast lifestyle, and East Coast homes are a reflection of those traditions. We’re more likely to see formal living rooms and dining rooms used for family gatherings and special occasions, and those spaces are decorated accordingly, with stately furnishings and antiques.

West Coast = Mix + Match

On the West Coast, there’s a deep and abiding appreciation for eclecticism. One design does not define the “West Coast look”, rather it’s a blend of modern and rustic, desert and coast, colorful and minimal. There are a number of influences that inform the West Coast aesthetic, which is why it’s perceived as a relaxed, chill style.

East Coast = Coordinated + Controlled

Because this style leans traditional, the look is usually perfectly synchronized and beautifully coordinated. Many of the pieces in a room will come from matching sets, and the color palette won’t stray from about 3 to 4 carefully chosen neutral colors. The details will also have similar design roots, keeping everything precise, polished and pulled together.

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