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City Style: Create a Phoenix-Inspired Space

There's a lot to love about the Phoenix area, from the perfect weather year-round (if you don't mind a dry heat) to the eclectic blend of urban buildings and desert landscape. Perhaps the most lovable trait of the valley of the sun is the gorgeous Arizona sunsets where a brilliant collage of pinks, purples, blues, and reds peak over the mountains. If you're hoping to capture the heart of Phoenix right in your own home, read on to discover five tips for creating your own Phoenix inspired space.

1. Add succulents.

The gorgeous Saguaro cactus is the official plant of the state of Arizona. While you might have a hard time fitting a tall Saguaro in your office or living room, a succulent can give any space the perfect desert touch.

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Artificial or fresh succulents are low-maintenance and can be a great addition at work for your office furniture or at home as part of your home decor.

2. Don't be afraid to go contemporary.

Phoenix, Arizona is the perfect blend of urban and desert. As you design your living spaces with various furniture pieces, mix in some more contemporary options that capture the sleek lines and clean finishes of the tall buildings in Downtown Phoenix

3. Choose intricate desert rugs.

Southwest-inspired rugs are known for their detailed designs. These rugs can serve as wall art or can add personality to the flooring in your home. If you are searching for something more understanding, choose a faux cowhide rug instead to bring some cowboy flair right into your living room.

4. Opt for bold colors.

Capture the heart of the beautiful Arizona sunset in your furniture by bringing the colors of the sky into your decor. When you browse your local furniture store, lean towards brighter colors for a more Phoenix-inspired look. Turquoise jewelry, for example, is a common trend for desert fashion. Get inspired by these beautiful necklaces in your own designs.

5. Don't forget your outdoor space.

Any Phoenix home or apartment is not complete without an outdoor space to enjoy. The weather in Phoenix is gorgeous year-round so you won't want to forget your outdoor furniture to pull your space together. And don’t forget to choose pieces that are durable enough to stand up against the infamous Phoenix haboobs!

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