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City Style: Create a Florida-Inspired Space

Bring the sunshine of Florida home by decorating with colors and textures inspired by tropical Floridian heat.

A Slice of Orange

You can’t talk about Florida without talking about the iconic Florida oranges – and the deliciously sweet orange juice that makes them so famous. Step into any Floridian orange grove, farm or market and you’ll immediately get a sense of why the citrus in Florida is considered unmatched. From the intoxicating fragrance of the fresh orange blossoms to the vivid colors of rows and rows of ripe, juice-laden oranges as far as the eye can see, you can’t deny that if there’s a color that should be associated with Florida, it’s orange.

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Mediterranean Revival

When it comes to styles of architecture and design that can be described as Floridian, you don’t have to look any further than Mediterranean Revival. Popularized in the ‘20s and ‘30s – mainly along the coasts of Florida and California – architects and designers incorporated elements of ‘Mediterranean resorts’ (vibrant blues, red tiles and iron details are among the characteristics of Mediterranean Revival), to draw in tourists. Today, elements of Mediterranean Revival continue to define Floridian architecture and spaces to create the laidback, eclectic look and feel that has come to be synonymous with Florida style.

Sunshine State of Mind

You may not be able to bring home Florida’s gorgeous beaches or orange groves, but with some strategic decorating, you can bring home a little bit of Florida’s infamous sunshine. Keep colors light and breezy, textures organic and natural and silhouettes modern and sleek for a vibe contemporary, coastal and very Floridian.

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