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What Is a Lift Recliner Chair?

Experience easy reclining like never before with a lift recliner chair.

Lift + Recline

Lift: You know the feeling when you’re all settled in the plushest, comfiest recliner – and when you try to get up, well, it’s definitely an effort, to say the least? It’s almost as if the recliner is too comfortable, and its cozy cushions are literally holding you back, preventing you from going about your day. It’s an all too common problem, and for a while, there was nothing that could be done except to struggle and half-strain your back as you try to stand – that is, until the invention of the lift chair. Here’s how the lift-reclining technology works in some of the most popular lift recliner chairs:

  1. Most modern lift chairs come with a remote control featuring buttons for adjusting the headrest, footrest and chair back, as well as lifting the recliner as a whole.
  2. To lift your seat, simply locate and press down on the corresponding button.
  3. Your lift recliner will then begin gently rising from the floor – up and forward, until you are almost in a standing position. As this happens, all you have to do is sit back and relax, and wait for the chair to ease you onto your feet!

Recline: Along with the automated lifting function built into the recliner design, lift recliners also feature – you guessed it! – reclining capabilities. Popular lift recliner chair models will have power buttons built into the chair’s armrest or on a separate remote control. Whether you’re looking to simply adjust your angle by a few degrees – or want to lie fully flat for some serious relaxation – lift recliners offer endless ways for achieving your ‘perfect’ lounging position.

Are Lift Chairs Safe?

It's a common question from those who may be browsing lift chairs for the first time, but the answer has always been: yes. These chairs are designed especially with safety and seniors in mind. They are easy to use and involve slow, gentle motions.

Lift Chairs for Elderly

While anyone can enjoy one, elderly people may find the most benefit. Age-related joint problems (which in turn can lead to difficulty standing up from a sitting position), are catered to through its unique lifting technology.

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