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What Is a Rocker Recliner?

Rocker recliners are the perfect living room seat for those moments when all you want to do is curl up with your favorite throw blanket and watch a good movie – though it is often the case, with these luxury-comfort chairs, that relaxation time quickly turns into nap time; with such soothing motions and ergonomic reclining capabilities, the rocker recliner just may lull you right to sleep!

Rock + Recline

Rocker recliner chairs often come with two reclining options: power and manual.

In a power-operated rocker recliner, a panel of two or three buttons is built into the side of the recliner’s armrest – these buttons control the reclining capabilities for the recliner’s back, footrest and, in some cases, headrest.

In a manual-operated rocker recliner, a pull-lever is built into the side of the recliner (usually toward the bottom, within easy reach), and all it takes is the simple lift of the lever to position your recliner to exactly your taste.

In both power and manual rocker recliners, the rocking feature is built into the design of the chair itself; to enjoy the soothing rocking function, no button or lever is needed – simply sit back and relax, and let the chair take its gentle course.

Traditional Comfort + Modern Technology

Traditional rocking chairs have been around for centuries. For both babies and adults, their simple, gentle design works like a charm, without fail, to calm and soothe – leading us to happily believe they’re not going anywhere any time soon!

Yet, while we love this classic nursery and living room staple, we also love a good, cozy recliner, and for a long time the choice had to be made between one and the other – until now.

Enter the modern rocker recliner chair. Combining the traditional rocking comfort with modern reclining technologies, rocker recliners offer adjustable positions for ergonomic support and gentle, soothing motions for serious relaxation.

Experience the magic for yourself by testing one out in the store – you’ll be glad you did!

traditional comfort + modern technology rocker recliner

Choosing Classic Rocker Bases

Some designs come with just a rocker base (without the recliner). These classic designs have been around for centuries, beloved for their simplicity. A curved base turning upwards at the front and back allows you to gently sway by applying slight pressure. Use a rocker design for nurseries, living rooms or bedrooms for a peaceful spot to nap!

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