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The Best Fringe Pillows + Why Fringe Rules

The comeback of fringe is exactly what we need this season and hopefully far beyond. Festive, fun and fabulous: from 1920s flappers to the halls of New York Fashion Week!

This cascading trend has a rich history that can be traced back to 3000 BCE. Born into the fashion world of ancient Mesopotamia, it became intrinsic to the cultural trend that adorned skirts and shawls for much of civilization. Despite this trend originating from ancient times, it didn't stop there and can still be seen in the modern era of fashion and home decor. This unique embellishment has a history of disappearing and re-emerging. It reappeared in the Golden Age and continued to dominate for decades after.

The current revival of fringe is not surprising and we welcome it back into the fashion and home decor landscape. It's moved beyond the halls of New York Fashion Week and into the central focus of home fashion trends. This fun tassel detailing has taken home décor by storm, from fringe walls to intriguing tablecloths. Fringe designs are adaptable, dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing, making them a popular and archetypical go-to for many household themes.

Throw pillows contribute to the overall personality and theme of a room and are a great way to transform a living space with this simple yet effective trend. The versatility of throw pillows makes them a perfect addition to a birthday party, bridal shower, or baby shower decorations. Whether you're looking for a basic addition or a statement piece, we have compiled a list of our six favorite adaptations of fringe pillows below.

1. Fringe Lakeland

This elegant fringe pillow features monochromatic tones with transient hints of light gray between the fray. It is neutral enough to add to almost any color scheme and edgy enough to form the basis of a room's theme. This striking canvas fringe pillow offers a simple, dynamic combination that exudes modern boho flair. It would work well as an addition to a pre-existing pillow arrangement or as a solid base to build on.

2. Magnolia Home Fringe

This neutrally-toned beige pillow emanates boho chic. The geometric stitching creates a visually interesting texture that is simple and versatile. Constructed with a combination of wool and cotton, this piece evokes an ambiance that is both casual and intriguing. This lumbar pillow is ideally paired with larger throw pillows on a bed arrangement or larger deep seated sofas.
It has the potential to be a worthwhile addition to a variety of living room designs and can be adapted into a wide variety of color schemes. Carefully manufactured in India, this pillow is filled with a plush feather-down insert.

3. Abstract Stripe Fringe

This cream-colored throw pillow is a living room classic that can be tailored to a range of color schemes. Infused with earthy and feminine tones, this soft blended pattern of faded lines brings a sense of comfort and flow to any setting. It was elegantly constructed with flax linen material with a neat gentle fringe finish.
This throw pillow will blend perfectly with neutral-toned sofas. It's also suitable as a base foundation for a colorful, contemporary pillow arrangement.

4. Boucle Fringe

Did someone say summer? This dynamic combination of tinted blue and sand-colored bands exudes an elegant seaside atmosphere. The pronounced composition of the horizontal fringe and smaller chainlike pattern would fit perfectly into a coastal-style room. This throw pillow is made of 100% cotton and would be a great addition to clean-cut sofa pieces or minimalist bedroom designs.

5. Cream Textured Fringe

While not technically a pillow, we had to include this diversely textured blanket, which is suitable for a contemporary farmhouse or modern beach escape. This luxuriously handwoven piece is constructed with 90% cotton and 10% chenille. The shades of cream are complemented with a nuanced geometric pattern and finished with a striking fringe edge. With a play on different textures, this throw stands out when paired with solid-colored pillows.

6. Black Cream Fringe

This iconic piece shows that poufs are not limited to their practical use. The black and beige piece is unconventional, mysterious and stylish. The bold color contrast and geometric patterns will animate any setting. It's constructed with wool, poly bead and cotton with a sharp fringed edges finish. It's an undoubtedly quirky piece that would contribute a definite edge to sofa sets and oversized chairs.

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