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Where to Store Throw Pillows When It's Time for Bed

Make tidying up your throw pillows a breeze with these chic pillow storage solutions.

Organize Your Throw Pillows in Storage Furniture

Small yet mighty, throw pillows pack more style per square inch than, perhaps, any other element of home décor – and if you’re anything like us, you can never have too many of them! Sometimes, though, figuring out where to put them when you’re ready to throw back the bedcovers can be tricky. Throw them on the floor, where you’re likely to trip over them? Or shove them in the closet, where it becomes a chore just to retrieve them?

Luckily, for those nights when all you want to do is crawl into bed, you don’t have to resort to throwing or shoving; instead, opt for storage furniture. With clever pull-out drawers, compartments and shelving, storage beds, ottomans and benches will make storing your pillows so effortless, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without them!

Storing your throw pillows in built-in drawers under your bed makes tidying up a breeze. 

1. Storage Bed

Here is a life hack you’ll wish you thought of sooner: the pullout trundle of a trundle bed doesn’t have to be used for a mattress – it can be used for pillow storage! Stash away your collection of throw pillows, blankets and extra sheets in a sleek pullout trundle design – or opt for even more space with a built-in storage headboard.

throw pillow storage
The best way to store pillows: keep a storage ottoman handy for concealing the extra pillows and linens!

2. Storage Ottoman

When it comes to tidying up your pillows, deep compartments are your best friend, and nowhere are compartments deeper – or chicer! – then in a storage ottoman. Whether you keep it at the foot of your bed for nighttime organization or by the sofa for the overnight guest, the versatile, spacious ottoman will take the guesswork out of pillow storage.

3. Lift-Top Table

A statement piece in its own right, the storage table now offers such an elegant design – no one would ever guess that it is actually your clever way of hiding your pillows! Choose from a sleek lift-top silhouette or built-in side-drawer paneling for no-hassle organization.
Storage for pillows and blankets: Accent tables aren’t only for décor, as proved by this classic lift-top design.

4. Bedroom Bench

Perhaps the most convenient pillow storage solution you could ever ask for, the bedroom bench adds a classic elegance to any bedroom style – and makes storing your pillows as easy as literally tossing them aside.

Place your pillows under, in or on a bench for bedroom storage at its most charming.

Stack your pillows on a soft, clean rug for an effortlessly cozy vibe.

5. Next to the Bed

When all else fails –  or for those nights when all you want to do is crash onto your mattress the second you get home – take advantage of the floor space next to your bed. Stacking pillows in groups of two near your bedside is chic organization at its most effortless.
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