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how to use QR code
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How to Use the QR Code

Here is a life hack you’ll wish you knew sooner: scanning the QR code with your mobile device on any item inside a Living Spaces store will give you instant access to product details, latest deals, reviews and more. Who knew furniture shopping could be so fun, easy and affordable? Learn all about it below, and try it out for yourself in the store!

1. Scan the QR Code of Any Item in the Store.

With your mobile device, open Select ‘Scan Barcode’ – and scan the barcode (QR code) on any item's tag in the store to see the construction details, FAQs, reviews, customer photos and more.

how to use QR code
how to use QR code

2. Create a Wishlist of Your Favorite Items.

To keep track of the items you love, select ‘Add to Wishlist’ for any item you have scanned. You can also share your favorites with friends at any time by selecting ‘Share List,’ and when you want to learn more or are ready to buy, simply select any item from your list to open up product details, reviews and a checkout option.

3. Stay Up-to-Date

Can’t get enough? Stay informed on new product designs, deals and events by subscribing to emails and connecting with Living Spaces on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

While the QR codes will give you helpful tips and ways to keep track of your favorite items, we know that nothing beats talking to an actual person – which is why in every Living Spaces store you’ll find a staff of friendly, non-commissioned team members ready to answer any questions you might have. For affordable furniture shopping made simple and fun, visit a Living Spaces showroom today.

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