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Clearance Furniture: Frequently Asked Questions

They all offer incredibly low prices, but they are each slightly different. Here is what you need to know about Clearance, Closeout, Outlet and As-Is.

What Is a Clearance Item?

A clearance item is an item that has been discounted. For clearance items, stock is limited; a clearance item is not re-stocked, and once it is sold out, will be discontinued.

What Is a Closeout Item?

A closeout item is an item featured for a low price during holidays and other special events, such as Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Black Friday. Closeout items go fast, so if you see one you love, grab it while it is still there!

What Is an Outlet Item?

An outlet item is a featured item offered at a low price every day. Outlet items are regularly in stock and available for purchase. Outlet items are not limited-time offers – they are simply brand-new pieces at exceptionally low prices.

What Is an ‘As-Is’ Item?

An as-is item is an item that has been slightly damaged; slight damages may occur during transportation or photoshoots or simply from being on display in a showroom. As-is items may only be purchased in the store (they are not available online) and sign off on any damage at the time of purchase.

Can I Return a Clearance Item?

Yes, you can return a clearance item – in fact, you can return any item within seven days of purchase, including closeout items and outlet items! The only exceptions to this rule are bed pillows, mattresses, box springs, sheets, bunky boards and as-is items or floor models.

Are Clearance Items New?

Yes, all clearance items are brand new – they are on clearance simply because they are being discontinued.

Why Are These Items on Clearance?

An item goes on clearance once it has been discontinued and will not be re-stocked.

How Long Will an Item Be on Clearance?

Clearance prices will last until the Clearance item is out of stock and no longer available.

Do Discounted Items Come with Warranty?

Yes, the Living Spaces Standard Warranty is available for all clearance, closeout and outlet items. At this time, the Standard Warranty is not available for as-is items.

Can You Buy the Care Free Plan for Discounted Items?

The Care Free Plan is available for all clearance, outlet and closeout items. At this time, the Care Free Plan is not available for as-is items.

Can Discounted Items Be Delivered?

Delivery is available for clearance, closeout and outlet items. At this time, delivery is not available for as-is items and floor models.

What Are the Living Spaces Outlet Centers?

A Living Spaces Outlet Center is a section of a Living Spaces store where you can find clearance, closeout and outlet items all in one place. Check the Living Spaces Outlet Centers page to see if there is an Outlet Center at a Living Spaces near you.   

Where and When Can I Find Clearance, Closeout, Outlet and As-Is Items?

Clearance, closeout and outlet items are all available any Living Spaces store with an outlet center. As-is items and floor models can only be purchased in-store. If you are shopping online, all clearance, closeout and outlet items can be found on the Clearance page. All prices online in the Clearance section are reflective of the current clearance prices. Here is our full list of stores with outlet centers.

If I Buy an Item and It Goes On Sale, Will You Honor the Sale Price?

Yes. As part of our Low Price Guarantee, we will refund the difference on any price break for up to 30 days.

What Does 'Where to Find It' Mean?

This button indicates that the item's stock has been depleted and only the remaining display models are for sale. In order to purchase this item, please visit a store where the item is displayed. 

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