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7 Best Leather Sectionals

Drop what you're doing and get lost in these buttery-soft, expert-approved, year's best leather sectionals! Each is hand-picked by our pro designer, Pamela Oleson, and comes with glowing reviews, plus all the fun details so you can shop fast and informed.

Most Stylish Leather Sectional

1. Burton Sectional
Best Feature: - quality leather feel

Size: 132"W x 103"D x 31"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "It's modular, and the armless design makes pairing any size table a breeze!"

Actual Customer Review: “This couch is amazing, super comfy and plenty of room for the entire family to stretch out! Great for family movie night!” - Breyes97

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Best Leather Sectional for Lounging

2. Vance Sectional
Best Feature: - great for large living rooms

Size: 140"W x 127"D x 41"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "One thing that customers might not realize makes a difference is the high back! Not only does it create a flush wall for adding throws, it's an added comfort bonus."

Actual Customer Review: “Very comfortable, easy set up, perfect for movie night.” - J Cox

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Best Versatile Leather Sectional

3. Burton Sectional
Best Features: - blends with all living spaces - soft leather upholstery - versatile piece of furniture

Size: 132"W x 103"D x 31"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "As a designer, this makes me feel like a kid again. You get to play with so many different shapes and arrangements!"

Actual Customer Review: “Love this addition to my 2 Burton chairs. Fits perfectly in area between sofa chaises” - Bex115

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4. Burton Sectional
Best Feature: - spacious seat cushions

Size: 132"W x 103"D x 31"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "It's an engineering feat of simplicity. The Burton is a blank canvas for rustic-modern, industrial-modern, transitional or modern decor."

Actual Customer Review: “Overall, this couch is beautiful! We really love how it fits in the space and the comfort factor. The armless feature really opens up the space it’s in.” - CandM Taylor

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Best Leather Sectional With Kiln-Dried Hardwood Frame

5. Vance Sectional
Best Feature: - high-quality feel

Size: 140"W x 127"D x 41"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "I especially love this color for a theater-designated space. It's simultaneously cozy and clean!"

Actual Customer Review: “You'll never leave your theater again. Might as well sell the beds.” - DowntownATL

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6. Greer Sectional
Best Feature: - 4 piece sectional

Size: 166"W x 105"D x 37"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "I put the Greer (both colors) in a ton of Airbnb's I design. It's a quality piece that looks beautiful and can take a pounding everyday. There's years of good wear with this one!"

Actual Customer Review: “Very comfy place to relax with your feet up. Great place to relax with pets.” - Nettie2

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7. Vance Sectional
Best Feature: - 6 piece sectional

Size: 140"W x 127"D x 41"H

Why Pamela Loves It: "If you're willing to spend a little extra, the theater-zone features (USB, zero gravity, wireless charging and every other feature you can think of) combined with ultra-comfort cushions will pay off infinite dividends."

Actual Customer Review: “Most comfortable recliner, top grade leather and three way adjustment add exceptional comfort.” - Lls3

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Adjustable Headrest Sectionals

Clean Lines Sectional

Small Spaces Sectional

Corner Sectionals

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