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11 Best Deep Sectional Sofas

The best deep sectional sofas of 2024. For each deep sectional on this list, you'll find customer reviews, product specs and top produt features, along with highlights from expert Courtney Marquez, LS Interior Designer.

Best Overall Deep Seat Cushion Sectional

1. Delano Sectional

Best Feature: - customizable

Size: 169"W x 101"D x 40"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "Custom upholstery options, timeless, sturdy comfort and the ability to shape it your way. It's family-friendly and an all-around classic."

Actual Customer Review: “We really enjoy our new Delano Ash Sofa. We're big fans of the reversible chaise in case we want to rearrange our living room.” - Danny Mc

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Best Fabric Deep Seat Sectional

2. Delano Sectional

Best Features: - kiln-dried - chaise sectional sofa - armrests

Size: 169"W x 101"D x 40"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "A cozy chenille upholstery that comes in dozens of colors. Combine that with the spacious size and timeless comfort of the cushions; the Delano is everyone's favorite."

Actual Customer Review: “I absolutely love my new couch!! It's perfect! The delivery guys were amazing and did a great job setting it up for me.” - Anonymous

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Best Modular Design Deep Sectional Sofa

3. Jolene Sectional

Best Features: - plush cushions - hardwood frame - versatile

Size: 120"W x 134"D x 40"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "It's modular, power-driven and a movie-theater-style sectional. All that's missing is popcorn and a good movie!"

Actual Customer Review: “We love this sectional. The different options that you can choose make this couch super family friendly. Also, the most comfortable couch we have ever owned!” - Katie7445

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Best Deep Chaise Sectionals

4. Besom Sectional

Best Features: - wood frame - three-seat sofa

Size: 112"W x 63"D x 29"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "It has a medium feel, meaning it's not firm nor plush but in-between. The fabric is also made to be easy to clean — great for families with young children."

Actual Customer Review: “Great chic look and comfortable! The size is perfect for my living room!” - Shon L

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5. Cisco Sectional

Best Feature: - accent pillows included

Size: 120"W x 79"D x 29"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "From a pure aesthetic standpoint, it looks like a cloud dream. And it feels like it too!"

Actual Customer Review: “This is a really sturdy sectional. Love that it allows for different orientations.” - Hana1114

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Best Chenille Deep Sectional

6. Delano Sectional

Best Feature: - firm feel

Size: 169"W x 101"D x 40"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "It's sleek and modern and maxes out on seating capacity. I love recommending it for big families!"

Actual Customer Review: “Great sofa. Go for it. Very easy to assemble. Loved it.” - Anonymous

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Best Deep Sectional for Small Spaces

7. Jolene Sectional

Best Feature: - storage console

Size: 120"W x 134"D x 40"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "I love the way the backrests sit lower than the cushions. The result is a silhouette that creates a very modern appeal."

Actual Customer Review: “Very comfortable sofa. We tried all the sofas at Living Spaces and felt this one was the most comfortable.” - Franck S

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Best Reversible Deep Sectional

8. Jolene Sectional

Best Feature: - cup holder

Size: 120"W x 134"D x 40"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "Everything is here: cloud-like seats, deep dimensions and reclining features. The reversible aspect is the cherry on top."

Actual Customer Review: “Love the couch, it is a great addition to our living room.” - Steveow

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Best Custom Deep Sectional

9. Besom Sectional

Best Features: - custom fabric options + swatches available - three-seater sofa - square arm sofa

Size: 112"W x 63"D x 29"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "It's minimalist and small. But my absolute favorite part is the exposed wood frame!"

Actual Customer Review: “These pieces fit perfectly in my family room and they allow for lots of options for TV-watching or conversation groups.” - Anonymous

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Best Deep L-Shaped Sectionals

10. Besom Sectional

Best Features: - great for hard-to-style living spaces - extra deep seats

Size: 112"W x 63"D x 29"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "Like in my previous comment, it's small — but it doesn't feel it. Fits well in small apartments while creating a lush feel that guests will love."

Actual Customer Review: “Excellent service great prices fast delivery beautiful furniture.” - Villanueva inc and family

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11. Cisco Sectional

Best Feature: - modular

Size: 120"W x 79"D x 29"H

Why Courtney Loves It: "The rounded, plump silhouette is so on-trend for 2024. I love that it's quality-feel in every aspect, too: the fabric, frame and beachy laidback texture make it great!"

Actual Customer Review: “Amazing, durable and comfortable! Very happy with this purchase.” - LV ranch

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Sturdy U-Shaped Sectionals

How deep is a deep sectional?

The depth of a sofa or sectional refers to the distance from the backrest to the front edge of the seat. While there is no standard measurement for what constitutes a "deep" sofa, it is generally considered to be anything over 40 inches. They’re easy to spot, too: the surface area is wider, almost like a bed — you tend to feel invited to plunge right in at the sight of one.

Is a deep sofa better than a regular one?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on personal preference and the intended use of the sofa. A deep sofa may be more comfortable for those who like to lounge and sink into their furniture, while a regular one may be more suitable for those who prefer a firmer seat. The more time you spend on your living room seat, the more you’ll probably like deeper seats: alternating positions and stretching legs are easier the deeper you go.

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What is the ideal depth for a sofa?

Again, this can vary depending on individual preferences. However, most experts recommend a depth between 36-40 inches for a standard sofa and 40-45 inches for a deep sofa. It is important to consider the overall dimensions of the room and how much space you have available before choosing the ideal depth for your sofa.

What is the 2/3 sofa rule and how does it apply to deep sofas?

The 2/3 sofa rule is a design principle that states the sofa should take up about 2/3 of the room's width. This rule can be applied to both regular and deep sofas, but it is especially important to consider for deep sofas due to their larger dimensions. Of course, it also applies to sectionals (not just sofas)!

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Should I opt for a deep seat sofa or a standard one?

If you are someone who enjoys lounging and sinking into your furniture, a deep seat sofa may be more suitable for you. However, if you prefer a firmer seat or have limited space in your room, a standard sofa may be a better choice. It’s really up to you to decide which one fits your lifestyle and space the best!

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