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Alaskan King vs. King vs. California King Mattress

Perhaps you’re wondering how big an Alaskan King is compared to a standard large mattress size – or, perhaps you’ve never even heard of the term “Alaskan King” before now. Either way, you’re probably about to learn something new about this obscurest of mattress sizes.

What Is an Alaskan King Mattress?

An Alaskan King is a size of mattress that measures nine feet wide by nine feet long.

Alaskan King (Obscure) vs. California King and King (Standard)

In comparison to a California King, an Alaska King is bigger. (A California King is 84” long by 72” wide; a King is 80" long by 76" wide; an Alaskan King is 9’ long by 9’ wide.)

Why Choose One Over the Other?

Both Alaskan King size beds and California King and King mattress sizes have their pros and cons.

Alaskan King Bed Frames Pros & Cons:

  • Pro: For couples, the extra big bed dimensions mean more sleeping space for each person.
  • Pro: The novelty aspect. Owning a mattress this big is pretty rare – and the excitement may never wear off!
  • Con: It’s bulky. An extra big mattress size requires a big room size, which most of us don’t have to spare.
  • Con: It’s costly. An extra big mattress requires more materials and labor to make, resulting in a bigger price tag.
  • Con: It’s heavy. In other words, a large bed is hard to move.

California King (Cal King) and Regular King Bed Frame Benefits:

  • Pro: It’s more affordable, since it doesn’t require as much manual labor or materials to produce.
  • Pro: It’s more accessible. (California King size beds and Kings are considered standard mattress size, and so are virtually sold wherever mattresses are sold.)
  • Pro: It’s more space-saving. A smaller mattress is the more economical choice, space-wise.
  • Con: Not as big as an Alaskan King bed mattress. (But still, pretty big!)

Oversized Mattresses for the Whole Family: the Texas + Wyoming King Beds

In an article about the biggest bed, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention two other oversized bed options: the Texas King and the Wyoming King. With the former at 80"x98" and the latter at a square 84"x84", these giants take family beds with extra space to a new level. While not the largest mattress available, either one works for co-sleeping with smaller children or pets, if a King size mattress doesn't cut it.

Dressing an Oversized Platform Bed

Oversized beds and mattresses definitely give you enough space to stretch out while sleeping, but they simultaneously pose a new problem: how to make the bed every morning when the bed is too large to even reach halfway across? Here are some nifty tips to help you out on this one.

  • Use high quality linens. While there's truly no way around the physical exertion that will be required to make an Alaskan King bed, ensuring your duvet is made of thicker material will ease the sight of wrinkling, making it easier to achieve a "made" look. (Linen tends to wrinkle more than cotton covers.)
  • Try a step stool. Gaining height over your bed will help you to reach just a tad further.
  • Keep your blankets hotel-tucked while you sleep. Instead of ripping them all the way out, keeping them at least partially still made will make mornings a lot easier.

Remember: Even Large Mattresses Need Mattress Protectors

As a parting PSA, remember that a mattress is an investment, especially oversized mattresses. Keeping yours protected with a mattress protector should be your top priority, so that you can enjoy it for years to come! The best Alaskan mattress protector will be one that is waterproof, allergen-resistant and heat-deflecting to keep it as dry (read: free from bacteria and mildew), healthy and comfy as possible.

(Whether of an Alaskan King or other size, also remember that mattress protectors are especially important for memory foam and gel memory foam beds, which tend to attract dust and humidity more than innerspring.)

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