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11 Best Minimalist Desks to Simplify Your Working Style

Nothing beats feeling clean and refreshed; when it comes to your office, there’s no better place to start than the desk. Here are 11 of the best minimalist desks to help you “clean up” your style!

1. Black Glass

For the true minimalist: an all-black desk in mod glossy glass.

2. Minimalist Writing Desk

If you like storage drawers, but don’t want them to “crowd” the space under your desk, this simple writing desk makes a good compromise.

3. Smoke and Mirrors

When the design is mod and clean, like this desk, it proves that mirrored furniture can speak to minimalism.

4. Mod Desktop

An airy desk (read: no drawers) means more legroom and a cleaner feel.

5. Simple Black Desk

Black is the new black (though, of course, it’s never gone out of style). It’s chic and, in an office space, focalizes.

6. Double Take

Look again – this glass sofa table (which doubles as a desk) is so, well, glassy, it can be easy to miss! What better way to embrace minimalism than invisibility?

7. Minimalist Wood Desk

This design’s legs are so sleek, it’s almost as if it’s being held up by nothing at all, simply floating in midair.

8. Tapered Off

Tapered legs pique mid-century modernism, emphasizing strong lines and – you guessed it – minimalism.

9. Little Details

A basic frame – punctuated by the “little details.” (Here, it’s the chic round drawer knobs.)

10. Simple Grey Desk

We’re loving this one for it’s natural wood grain – and sturdy framework to make even the most scrutinous carpenter proud.

11. ‘No Storage, No Problem’

Another sofa table, another day of chic productivity!

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