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Which Armchairs Are Best for Armchair Philosophy?

A question Socrates would've been proud of.
What is armchair philosophy, you ask? Excuse us while we scooch into our favorite, ahem, armchairs to ponder the answer. (Joking aside, for an interesting take on armchair philosophers, check out Oxford Scholarship’s publication on the topic.)

It is, in essence, the most “portable” philosophy. It’s the kind of philosophy you can do anywhere, any day, with anyone (or no one at all). It’s the philosophy of observation, of your thoughts – and finding the “connections” between those thoughts, simply by way of thinking.

While armchairs are not required for the practice of armchair philosophy, we can’t imagine armchair philosophizing without picturing a handsome study or library, where some 1800s nobleman is seated on a luxurious leather Chesterfield, pipe in hand and arms at rest as he ponders the questions of the day.

But maybe you came to this article in hopes of finding the perfect armchair to suit your philosophical needs – and you want options. If so, we get that – and we’re here to help. Here are three of the best armchairs for philosophizing, pondering, perusing and/or pontificating,

1. The Handsome Leather Armchair

The classiest of seats for only the most serious of philosophers. (The Greek philosopher Diogenes – who was, erm, rather eccentric, to say the least, would probably not have approved of such a traditional design.)

2. The Track Arm

Sleek, trim and savvy, the track armchair is only for the sportiest of philosophers. Which is why we have a gut feeling that it would’ve been the perfect fit for English football manager Bill Shankly, who famously spouted the sportiest philosophical quip ever muttered when he said, “[Football isn’t] a matter of life and death. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

3. The Half Roll

We’re recommending the ‘half roll’ armchair to the easygoing types – the philosophers who roll with the punches, even when the punches don’t roll all the way around. And we can’t think of a famous philosopher who would have enjoyed the ‘half roll’ more than Descartes, who realized one day that because he thinks, he must be – popularizing the notion that philosophy can be, in fact, pretty simple, if you let it!

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