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Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas, According to Santa’s Interior Designers

It’s the busiest season for the North Pole, but that didn’t stop Santa’s little helpers from helping us curate a jolly list of modern Christmas decorations (plus decorating tips to go along with them).
While their ideas were as merry and bright as can be, the elves themselves were a bit shy – asking us to keep their contributions anonymous. While we protested at first, we appreciated their selfless nature. (Although, we also did later learn that all Santa’s Workshop residents are required to sign an NDA, supposedly a North Pole tactic to keep the ‘magic of the holidays’ alive and intriguing.)

To protect the identities of the interior designers from Santa’s Jolly Design Department, all names have been changed to the designers’ chosen pseudonyms. Any names resembling actual persons, real or fictitious, are purely coincidental.

And now, without further ado: 5 Modern Christmas Decorations, According to Santa’s Interior Designers!

1. Merry and Bright

‘When designing Santa’s workspace, Santa told us that the number-one most important thing to him was that his space feel jolly, with lots of bright greens and bright reds. We wanted to help bring Santa’s colorful visions to life – while creating a space that also felt in line with modern Christmas decoration trends. To do this, we kept all silhouettes clean and sleek (think sofas and chairs with low, straight backs; no unnecessary ornamentation, etc.) and made sure to incorporate natural pieces (like unpainted wood) with the “jolly” color scheme.’
- Noel Winters, North Pole Designer
ornaments table

2. Raise a Glass to Holiday Class

‘Hosting a holiday cocktail party? Go for a bar cart as silver as Santa’s sleigh bells. This high-glam color goes with everything and will make any living room feel instantly sophisticated. Plus, the portable design lets you wheel it from room to room, so you can keep the holiday concoctions close by, at all times.’
- Joy T’theworld, North Pole Style Correspondent

3. Frosty Floors

‘Get in the holiday spirit with a luxuriously soft, pure white shag rug that’ll make you want to do “snow angels” for days. Never before has a snow-laden landscape felt so warm and cozy!’
- Noel Winters, North Pole Designer

4. Get Berry Creative

‘Tack on some seasonal shrub to the top of your Christmas presents. It takes almost no effort, and yet looks like you put a ton of thought and time into your gift-wrapping aesthetic. It’s also a little detail that goes a long way in making your presents feel like decor in and of themselves – and creating an extra-festive ambiance.’
- Holly Boughs, North Pole Designer

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5. December Dreams

‘When you take a winter’s nap on a plush sofa, be sure to surround yourself with oversized pillows in colors like candy cane red, snowy white and glittery gold. The comfy designs and festive colors will surely bring every sugarplum dream to life – dancing nutcrackers and all!’
- Mary Enbright, North Pole Style Correspondent

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