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3 Throws that Make 10x Better Cuddle-Buddies than Your BF

Get cozy, cozier than ever, with these insanely comfy throws. ‘Snuggling up’ never felt so easy – no boyfriends required!

1. The Fluffy Tassels

Binge-watching with a fluffy tasseled throw is a savory experience. Reaching for the remote? Let the silky fringe brush your cheek - and feel all the luxurious feels.

Cozy tip: Just because you’re spending the weekend in on your beloved sofa doesn’t have to mean a weekend without style. Choose a throw in a shade that complements your skin tone – and pajamas!

2. The Chunky Knit

Chubby weaves don’t just mean extra-soft comfort. They also mean that your throw will feel more weighted – making it easier to warm up on rainy days with a good book or show – and stay that way!

Cozy tip: If you need to get up from the sofa for any reason, treat your throws to a walk, too. (They’ve stuck with you through thick and thin – it’s the least you can do!) Wrap one around your shoulders and let it trail after you, like the regal Queen (or King) you are.

3. The Cool Cotton

Maybe it’s a hotter day in the summer season (or, if you’re in SoCal, a regular day in winter), and you don’t necessarily want to get warmer – but you do want to curl up on the sofa and just chill. If that’s the case, a breezy cotton throw’s got you covered; it’ll keep you all ‘comfied’ up – and, not to mention, make your sofa-chillin’ very ‘grammable.

Cozy tip: If you’re serious about your streaming services, we’re predicting a marathon binge-watching sesh is in your near future. This means starting S1E1 in the morning and ending the season (or series – if you’re really good) at night. To stay perfectly cozy and comfy through the entire run, layer up – as it gets hotter midday, throw a layer off!

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