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How to Style Mismatched Bedside Tables

Move away from a matchy-matchy look for the bedroom, and instead, opt for mismatched bedside tables. You can mix an oversized table with drawers and a smaller table with minimal storage. Or, choose two delicate end tables that complement each other.

Tips For Styling Mismatched Bedside Tables

When deciding how to select your nightstands, the first thing to consider is scale in relation to the height of the bed. A chunky, sturdy bed frame will need night tables that are larger, while a minimalist frame looks better with smaller, more delicate tables. Consider the height of the bed, too. If the table is too high, it will make reaching the objects on it difficult, while if it's too low, it may feel like an afterthought.

Next, think of the overall style of the room. Choose nightstands that look good with the rest of your furniture. You can have ones that are different materials, finishes, or heights. Making mismatched nightstands look good is an art, though. The composition of your bedroom should still feel balanced and considered, and each piece should contribute to the finished look.

Utilize a Desk As a Nightstand

If you have a small space, choose a desk instead of an end table for your bedside. The smaller round nightstand with a lamp allows you to peacefully read in bed, while the brighter light on the sleek metal desk gives you more light to work by. Combining wood and metal is an inspired look for a more modern bedroom.

Different Styles in the Same Family

Add more interest to a traditional bedroom with nightstands that are from the same collection but different in style. We've paired a heavier nightstand with drawers with a bedside table with a drawer and a shelf. Place a small decoration on the bottom shelf, and use the drawers for extra personal storage. Matching lamps draw the look of the room together. The light wood is perfect for a shabby chic bedroom.

Choose Different Heights For Visual Interest

Pair a larger, taller semi-circle table with a smaller table level nightstand and standing lamp. Using two different finishes of wood further adds interest to the room. Wooden furniture and natural materials for the bedding and throw pillows create a sense of nature, while copper metal lights and decorations bring a little bit of industrial interest. The whole look is light, airy, and creates a boho-chic appearance. Adding a small live plant to the night table adds to the sense of nature.

Blend Several Different Styles

This wrought iron bed and the classic bench may not look like a likely pair at first, but romantic touches like sheer curtains, plush bedding, and a fluffy throw create a sense of romance and femininity. Adding a traditional wooden nightstand with drawers on one side and a light, sleek wood table on the other side work to pull the room together. Add a large rug underneath the bed and a larger lamp for interest to complete the look. When mixing several different furniture styles, make sure that you're sticking to a cohesive color palette to avoid the room looking too jumbled.

Find a Common Thread

If you want mismatched nightstands but don't want the appearance to feel eclectic, try pairing different shapes but still the same material and finish. For example, pick a round night table and a square one, but both in a light or dark finish. This keeps the space looking polished and the choice of different shapes intentional.

Choose Complementary Materials

If you want a more playful, boho eclectic look, opt for materials that play well off each other. For example, seagrass and rough wood, while different textures, still naturally pair well together here. If you're looking for a space that brings the outside in, then these materials, plus natural cotton bedding and live plants, create a space inspired by nature.

Focus on Interesting Details

Look for unusual hardware on your drawered nightstands, or consider replacing the hardware with something higher-end. For pedestal-style night tables, look for elegant legs carved with detail. If you opt for a heavier, check-style, find one with a beautiful finish or top-quality, solid wood. If your space is more eclectic, you can take risks with bigger and bolder styles. For a more traditional look, stick to styles that are more similar.

Prioritize Storage

Sometimes, mismatched nightstands are more about necessity than an aesthetic choice. A smaller space or a bed that's tucked into a corner may necessitate a night table with a slimmer profile. Or, if you need extra storage, then opting for one with multiple drawers makes more sense. Or, you could even choose to skip a second nightstand entirely, choosing instead to have a standing lamp for bedside reading.

Pairing a nightstand with a small bookcase is another option if you need extra storage. You don't have to just place books – use the shelves to show off some of your favorite mementos, or add small baskets to store smaller items.

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