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26 Bedside Lamp Ideas

A bedside lamp adds a touch of comfort to a room. You can use it as a night light in a dim setting or to read in bed. But first, you have to choose the right lamp. We have a few bedside lamp ideas to help you out.

1. Colorful Glass

Every room can use a splash of color, so choose a glass lamp in a tone that matches your throw pillows or a piece of artwork.

2. Metallic Sparkle

You can’t go wrong with a metallic base for a lamp.

3. Geometric Concrete

For something simple yet classic, consider a concrete-based lamp. Geometrics are an aesthetically-pleasing look.

4. Basic Wire Lamp

If you want a light that’s barely there, consider one that dangles the lightbulb from a single piece of metal that curves up from the base.

5. Modern and Black

A beautiful black lamp in a modern style will look amazing in just about every setting.

6. Intricate Wires

There’s nothing saying a lamp can’t be art. Look for a beautifully-created wire lamp to make a statement beside your bed.

7. Polished Smooth

A concrete lamp base will hold it in place, even if you’re on the clumsy side.

8. Matched Sets

There’s nothing better than pairing two identical lamps to set the mood.

9. Simplistic White

There’s something pure and innocent about white, and when the color is paired with a repetitive texture, you’ll find it is a beautiful combination.

10. Transparent Vase

Glass makes for a very nice lamp base, but why not take it a step further by going transparent?

11. Touch Lamps

There’s nothing worse than fumbling about in the dark trying to find the switch for your lamp. Choose one that can be turned on with a touch, and you have a winner.

12. Industrial Style

Anyone who enjoys steampunk or more industrial décor will appreciate an industrial lamp.

13. Delicate Designs

Sometimes you want a lamp that looks nice but stays in the background. Choose one with a light design on it, and you’ll find it blends in.

14. USB-Enabled

No room for a lamp and a phone charger in your outlet? No worries, just grab a lamp with a USB plug in it.

15. Wooden Designs

Why not choose a wooden lamp, if you dislike the ceramic and metal options available? It’s warm and friendly.

16. Golden Delight

Is there anything classier than a gold lamp? It’s the color of decadence, and you’ll benefit from having it right by the bed.

17. Vintage Style

Sometimes it’s helpful to have something familiar to enjoy in your room, and these vintage-style lamps are a perfect choice.

18. Go Textured

Texture can turn any lamp into a talking piece. Even if it’s just a simple one-color base, adding some texture makes it really perk up.

19. Elegant Marble

A marbled base on your lamp gives it that classic look that so many strive for.

20. Unique Shapes

If you are tired of the usual rounded options for lamps, take the time to look for something more interesting.

21. Abstract

Nothing forces lamps to be a standard shape. Go ahead and pick something unusual and unique.

22. Sharp Edges

Some lamps look deadly gorgeous, as if designed to be a weapon of aesthetic. For the industrial style-intensive, who doesn’t want that in their bedroom?

23. Antiques

Love the look of antique lamps? Find a replica and you’ll save money on the look.

24. Mix Your Colors

It’s fine if you can’t choose a single color. Try mixing them to find something truly unique.

25. Stripes Away

Stripes can give your lamp a fun, playful feel and are perfect for a bedroom.

26. Muted Colors

If you love colors but hate being blinded by loud, bright colors, consider using muted tones instead.
Choosing a lamp is more about what you love than what looks perfect. Let your gut decide.

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