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how to display crystals in your home
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How to Display Crystals in Your Home

Relax, heal, cleanse, focus, invigorate. Here are the best places to display natural crystals for better home energy.

— Hallway —

Cleansing, Energy

Best crystals for hallway: black obsidian, rose quartz, black tourmaline

In the hallway, cleansing the air and creating an energized space isn’t just about creating a welcoming, safe atmosphere for guests who enter your home – it’s also about you and the people who live in your home. Whether at the entryway, upstairs or in the back of the house, hallways connect every living space within the home; the energies within them can affect your emotional well-being throughout the day. Since hallways are 90% walls, the best place to display crystals within them is on the walls: utilize floating shelves or built-in bookcases to display cleansing, energizing stones such as black obsidian and rose quartz. The takeaway: When you pass through a hallway decked out with good vibes, it becomes easy for the rest of the day to follow suit.

where to place clear quartz in the home
where to place crystals in your home

— Bathroom —

Relaxation, Cleansing

Best crystals for bathroom: black obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst

Just as your moisturizer + toner routine sets the skincare tone for your day, the air you inhabit within your bathroom walls should set a well-cleansed tone for your day. Any negative energy you may have absorbed during sleep gets zapped thanks to cleansers such as amethyst crystal. Place a stone along a bathroom counter as you would a regular piece of decor; amethyst in particular will multitask as a picture-worthy pop of color – and as a way to cleanse your energy field.

where to place crystal in your home

— Living Room —


Best crystals for living room: black celestite, angelite, amethyst

The secret to decorating with crystals? Don’t overthink it. There’s something intrinsic about the energy of crystals, and whether or not you believe they can bring about healing energies, the aesthetic value of crystals is undeniable. In the living room, it is well-thought that stones such as black celestite, angelite and amethyst can encourage relaxation; but for the purposes of aesthetics alone, each of these crystals brings the perfect amount of color and texture to side tables, coffee tables and bookcases.

— Bedroom —

Relaxation, Healing

Best crystals for bedroom: citrine, celestite, amethyst

The bedroom is where you spend the majority of your time on this planet, and taking steps to ensure a relaxed feel can only take you farther in life – mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Soothing in looks and feel (by feel, we mean both how the crystal physically feels against your skin and the natural vibrations it emits), amethyst and angelite are best for this reserved space. If you’re new to crystals, starting with just one stone at a time may help you to identify which ones you prefer to be surrounded by each morning upon waking up and each night upon falling asleep. (To up the healing aura in the bedroom, we recommend combining amethyst with citrine; if nothing else, the two colors, purple and muted yellows, offer an on-trend palette.)

— Office —

Focus, Energy

Best crystals for office: clear quartz, blue sapphire, turquoise

how to use crystals in the home
The home office doesn’t have to feel less homey, or less yours, than the rest of your space. Here is where, after all, you tap into your most creative potential. Blue sapphire, clear quartz and turquoise, the three crystals well-loved for how they energize a space, make the best companions for computer, desk lamp and filing cabinets. Place one in places you reach for the most, such as over a stack of papers (as a paperweight) or inside a desk drawer. While energizing qualities are important, so are colors: looking at things you find beautiful can incite creativity in more ways than one.

Why Display Crystals in the Home?

Crystals come in breathtaking colors, shapes and natural formations.

Visually stunning, crystals come in breathtaking colors and shapes, the natural textures and formations blending perfectly with modern minimalist décor. Certain stones are also rising in popularity for their cleansing effects. When placed in spaces in which you spend large amounts of time, the vibrations within the natural stones are, according to a growing number of holistic healers, capable of eliminating feelings of heaviness.

Whichever your reason for decorating with crystals, your options are bountiful: from the vivid purples of amethyst to the rich reds of agate, crystals set the basis for any number of inspired styles – from boho to contemporary.

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