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Your Home Detox Guide

A home detox guide to purge your home of all the bad energies that float your way – and keep them out.

Let in plants.

Chances are, your home could benefit from a little more nature – and when it comes to home detox, simply turning up the volume on the ‘nature sounds’ from your phone’s app just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, embrace the power of plants! Time and again, studies have shown that real plants are the original mood-boosters; certain species have even been found to lower pulse rates of high-stress individuals.

Leave shoes at the door.

Tracking in dirt from the backyard (and who knows where else) isn’t just a recipe for soiled carpets – it can also mean your home is at higher risk of breeding disease-causing bacteria. But you don’t have to spend a small fortune on regular carpet cleanings to help maintain a healthy household; simply stop the problem at its source – leave shoes at the door!

Open the windows.

Most of us spend most of our time indoors – which means the air we breathe often comes from ACs or space heaters. This in turn means that most of us keep the windows closed, making it almost impossible for the circulating air and the pollutants within it to escape. (And yes, the chances that you’re breathing air pollutants inside your home are very high.) The solution? Crack open a window or two; even just the slightest exposure to an outside breeze can do wonders for letting freshness in and toxins out.

Do away with dryer sheets.

While there is no hard proof that all major-label dryer sheets are toxic, a slew of reports and studies, like this one, have found particular varieties to be loaded with alarming ingredients. Your safest bet, especially if you’re committed to the idea of a home detox, is to do away with them altogether. (Can’t do away with the scent? Try this trick: dab a clean, dry sock with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and throw it in the dryer along with your regular load; your wardrobe will never smell fresher!)

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