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How to Choose (the Best) Wall Art

Selecting the right wall art is a challenge for many, but if you stick to the following tips, you’ll always have a well-appointed house. The trick is to know exactly what to do in each room to maximize the impact of your wall art.

1. Blend In With Art in the Dining Room

You’ll focus on food here, so the art should fit the décor in terms of colors, but without being distracting. Landscapes, skies, and similar paintings or images work well. Don’t overcrowd the walls with too many pieces, or you’ll get a claustrophobic feel. It can also be helpful to pair art with sculptures and items around the room to enhance and strengthen the overall theme.

2. Living Room Art to Draw the Eye

Art in a living room should catch the eye and enhance the space. Look for larger pieces or several small art pieces to group together. They can dominate one or more walls and look particularly good over a key piece of furniture, such as the sofa.

3. Create a Focal Point in Your Entryway

Your entry or foyer is the first impression people have of your home. Make it count by selecting an impressive piece of art that you feel represents you and your family. It’s best to have just one art piece, which should make a statement. Bold colors and sharp lines are good choices.

4. Make Small Spaces Feel Larger

To really get the most out of your small space, choose a large piece of art that will give you a talking point in the room. It’s usually best to opt for a painting or photo instead of a sculpture, which can make the room feel smaller. Stick to brighter colors and lighter images, to help the room feel more expansive.

5. Enhance the Bedroom

Art for the bedroom should be calming rather than bright. It’s meant to enhance the space but promote relaxation. Images from vacations and favorite landscapes can be particularly lovely. Animal paintings or even wall sculptures and 3D paintings can work well in a sleeping space, but be sure to consider the color scheme when selecting the art.

6. Create a Soothing Bathroom

Bathrooms tend not to have much in the way of wall art, but a well-placed set of drawings or paintings can really make it pop. You’ll want to work with the theme of the bathroom and select two or three similar paintings. For example, a couple of botanical drawings or watercolors of beaches can work well together. Bathrooms benefit from a few smaller pieces of art grouped for the best effect.

7. Decorate the Kitchen

Kitchen décor ranges from fun and quirky to farmhouse and modern styles. You can find art to fit. It’s best to look for pieces that will fit the limited wall space you have in the kitchen. While food-themed art may seem like a no-brainer, abstracts and landscapes can also be fun additions to your cooking space. Words and sayings can also be a fun way to bring some levity to this room.

Wall art abounds for your home, but you do need to choose carefully. Make sure the art suits your space, both in style and in size. Consider the amount of wall space you have and determine just how busy you want the wall to be before you select the art.

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