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How to Hang Canvas Art without Frame

Want to hang up canvas art without a frame? Fret not – we’ve got you covered! – with these easy home art styling tips.

1. With nails.

Luckily, most canvas art prints are designed with the canvas stretched over a wood frame. This makes it so that if and when you don’t have a frame – or simply prefer the look of frameless art – you can simply hammer a nail in the spot where you want the art, and hang the art directly on it!

2. With wire hooks.

If your art piece is completely flat on the back – without a visible frame or indentations for hanging – you can always install a wire hook on it yourself. Take two “o” screws (screws with a curved, hook-like top half), and screw them into both sides of the wall art canvas, approximately five inches below the top.

Use a long piece of wire (art wire would work best in this instance and can be found at most craft stores), and thread it through the two hooks or “o”s. Thread it through about five or so times, until it forms a wire band sturdy enough to hold up the canvas – while still allowing for some slack for easy hanging. Once you’ve hammered a nail into the spot where you plan on hanging the canvas, simply place the canvas over the nail, letting the wire rest directly on top of it.

3. By leaning.

Of course, you can always bypass hanging altogether. If you would rather keep your walls hole-free, consider leaning your art against them. Leaning instead of hanging, especially when done by layering smaller canvas prints on a shelf or fireplace mantel, brings a refreshing, laidback spin to more conventional decorating methods.

How to Hang Canvas Panels

Make sure the art you are hanging is lightweight; anything heavier than the weight a nail + hook can bear will fall straight to the ground – bringing the nail right with it.

How to Hang Pictures Without Frames

To hang an unframed canvas painting, apply a wire hook to the back and use a nail to secure the hook to the wall.

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