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Five Metal Art Ideas to Bring Out Your Inner Blacksmith

Stuck in a decorating plateau? Here are five insanely creative scrap metal art ideas to ‘hammer’ out your style kinks – no tools required!

1. A Sharper Image

Paper-thin metallic lines can be shaped into virtually any picture. Here, a flock migrates toward a season of elegance.

2. Metal Letters

The days of swirling around your alphabet soup may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun with lettering has to stop. With a little bit of workshoppin’, fashioning words out of scrap metal is easier (and chicer) than ever.

3. Star Power

A bright-shining supernova explosion, in your own bedroom? Sounds like a job for the luminous power of metal!

4. Reel Fun

As any metallurgist will tell you, a little bit of distress on galvanized metal goes a long way in making any piece feel straight-up vintage.

5. Warming Up (to Copper)

Copper color may be the latest trend, but actual copper material is a whole ‘nother game-changer when it comes to chic wall decor.

Metal art: shape up!

Whether precious, noble or base, almost all metals are malleable, meaning they can be formed into any shape imaginable. Squares? Yep. Circles? Yep. Fall leaves? Yep. An entire flock of migrating birds flying in formaton? Yep. Replica silhouettes of authentic film reels from ‘50s-era cinemtography? Yep. (Seriously – any shape imaginable!)

Tip: Bare accessories

Thanks to its crisp, hard, shiny composition, metal, when smithed into these decorative shapes, stands out – especially when left unfinished. The natural coloring of copper, steel, iron and other materials commonly used in home decor brings an organic elegance that can’t be replicated, no matter how professional the paint job.

How to Hang Metal Wall Art

Skip the endless tutorials with confusing instructions: hanging metal wall art couldn't be simpler. Just make sure to find the stud in your wall first, then get to drilling or hammering in a nail (from which the art will hang). Stylistically speaking, it's good to "break up" materials, so hang a metal art piece near a fabric tapestry or canvas picture for textural contrast!

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