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46 Wall Art Ideas for Living Room in 2021

Décor inspiration running dry? Here are 46 wall art ideas for the living room to quench the spell.

1. Monotone Prints

Black and white images, interspersed with favorite words and their definitions, share your family's journey with those who enter your home.

2. Rope Art

A lovely piece of rope art can be framed and hung on the wall to give a little texture to your décor.

3. 3D Flowers

Three-dimensional flowers in metal, paper, or another material can be combined to create a beautiful focal point.

4. Textured Art

Look for art pieces that include texture to give your space a more interesting feel. Paper art works particularly well.

5. Botanical Prints

Art featuring plants and flora reflects your love of greenery and adds a light feel to your home.

6. Group Your Pictures

Choose line art or paintings that are smaller than usual and group them to create a unique talking point.

7. String Art

It’s back! String art is making a comeback, and that’s a good thing. These intricate designs add symmetry and beauty to your space.

8. Mirror, Mirror

Reflect light and make your room feel more spacious by adding a mirror to the wall. Bonus points if it’s in a cool frame!

9. Tone on Tone

Art that uses subtle tones can be impressive without overwhelming the room. Look for neutrals to enhance any space.

10. Canvas Art

Looking for something special? Choose framed canvas art with a fun color palette to set off your décor.

11. Gallery Wall

Do you have more than one piece of art that you love? Gather an assortment of pieces that have something in common, then turn your wall into an art gallery.

12. Glitter and Glam

You can’t go wrong with sparkles, so double up on framed glitter paintings and use them as a backdrop for fabulous decorations.

13. Equine Beauty

If you love horses, adding them to your walls is a no-brainer. Pick a large print that will dominate the room and build around it.

14. Wildlife at Home

Bring your adoration of living things into your home with framed images of your favorite creatures.

15. Simply Nature

A simple leaf print, an image of a tree, or a photo of a flower can set the tone for a room and show your interest in nature.

16. Take Flight

Dreaming of traveling? Hang a framed canvas of a plane or a bucket-list destination to keep your travel inspiration close.

17. Cool Oceans

Give your space a cooler feel with a beautiful painting of the ocean. Pieces that are almost abstract - but not quite - capture the true nature of the sea.

18. Go Big

Giant pieces of art can dominate a room - in a good way! Enjoy your favorite painting super-sized.

19. Basic Images

You don’t have to go fancy with your images. Just pick something that appeals to you and hang it.

20. Shades of Gray

Gray-toned paintings fit into any style of décor, so grab a painting or two and then add other gray elements to bring the room together.

21. Abstract

There’s something about abstract art that draws the eye, because it lets you interpret the artist's meaning for yourself.

22. Layered Paintings

Even if you can’t hang paintings on your walls, you can put them on a table. Try placing several together, then layering them for a unique look.

23. Black Frames

Take your favorite picture and frame it in simple black to make it really stand out on the wall.

24. Fun Colors

You can build an entire room’s décor around the colors in your wall art for a coordinated feel.

25. Dividing Panels

Instead of using these panels to divide your space, hang them on the wall for a unique look.

26. Beach Memories

Love the beach? Take the enjoyment home with framed and matted photos of your favorite place.

27. Cacti Prints

Succulents and cacti offer a low-maintenance way to add green to your space. Highlight your plants with cacti prints on your wall.

28. Neutral Paints

A subtly-colored painting will blend nicely with your existing décor while also adding a focal point.

29. Charcoal Drawings

Charcoal is a gorgeous medium. These types of images combine simplicity with sophistication – an ideal combination for wall art.

30. Leaves on the Wall

Show off your enjoyment of plants with giant paintings of leaves. You can collect several, and group them.

31. Marbled Canvas

Add some glamour and mystique to your space with a lovely marble-styled print.

32. Floral Delight

Brighten your space with flowers that never fade. They’re the perfect addition to your room and come in many styles.

33. Bring the Sky Home

The mysteries of the universe are beautiful on your walls.

34. Bold Colors

Selecting a painting that will set the color palette for your space is always an adventure. Look for bold colors to stimulate the mind.

35. Broad Strokes

Abstract art is wonderful. You’ll get a bigger impact from your wall art if you pick paintings with a few broad strokes of color.

36. Brighten Your Space

Images that are bright and evoke the outdoors can help make your room feel bigger and lighter.

37. Memories

Evoke “the good old days” with paintings or images that trigger a hazy memory. Just frame it and hang.

38. Sets of Four

A set of four identical paintings or prints will give a nice, balanced look to your room.

39. Soft Light

For a brighter, modern space, look for a painting that is barely there, featuring light strokes and colors.

40. Mix and Match

Combine abstract paintings with vivid photos to create your own mini gallery.

41. Unique Scribbles

Flat blocks of color are nice, but something that has been carefully colored and painted adds visual impact.

42. Leaning Paintings

Have two similar paintings? Hang one and lean the other for a fun look.

43. Space

For anyone who loves space, images that are neatly framed can make extraordinary wall art.

44. Line Drawings

There’s something about the simplicity of drawings that can really make a space feel perfect.

45. Framed Photos

Blow up your favorite photograph and frame it to hang in your home for a touch of nostalgia.

46. Textured Art

Forget the boring paintings and prints. Go for some real texture on your wall!

Living Room Wall Art Ideas

22X26 Tequila II

Get it Dec 17 - Dec 21

71X19 Birds Over Water

Get it Dec 10 - Dec 14

52X42 Half Dome

Get it Dec 17 - Dec 21

52X42 Tree In Lake

Get it Dec 17 - Dec 21

47X47 Static

Get it Dec 10 - Dec 14

Picture-Winter Woods

Get it Dec 17 - Dec 21

Picture-Coastline Cruise 60X40

Get it Dec 14 - Dec 18

42X32 Bison The Beautiful

Get it Dec 17 - Dec 21

60X40 Texas Longhorn

Get it Dec 14 - Dec 18


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