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46 Wall Art Ideas for Living Room in 2023

Décor inspiration running dry? Here are 46 wall art ideas for the living room to quench the spell.

1. Monotone Prints

Black and white images, interspersed with favorite words and their definitions, share your family's journey with those who enter your home.

"As a designer, I love simplicity. Colors can affect mood way more than we often realize, so a monotone or duotone palette feels fresh." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Brynna Evans

2. Rope Art

A lovely piece of rope art can be framed and hung on the wall to give a little texture to your décor. Stick to a raw and neutral material for a minimalist yet authentic feel. (Rope art also makes for a great boho accent wall.)

3. 3D Flowers

Three-dimensional flowers in metal, paper, or another material can be combined to create a beautiful focal point.

4. Textured Art

Look for art pieces that include texture to give your space a more interesting feel. Paper art works particularly well. High quality designs will give a DIY feel (without the hassle of you having to have actually DIYed)!

"Design is visual and textile. Bumpy, knotty or soft pieces add the tangible factor and pops on a wall." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Courtney Marquez

5. Botanical Prints

Art featuring plants and flora reflects your love of greenery and adds a light feel to your home. Choose plant type based on where it grows for the mood you want; for example, palms will feel tropical! Add real planters with the same plants on the floor to make the home decor vibe pop.

6. Group Your Pictures

Choose line art or paintings that are smaller than usual and group them to create a unique talking point. As the saying goes, the best things come in the smalles packages. Collections of small wall art will have guests leaning in for closer examination — and better appreciation.

7. String Art

It’s back! String art is making a comeback, and that’s a good thing. These intricate designs add symmetry and beauty to your space.

"The intricate detail in string art draws you in, it truly is a work of art. The more you look at one of these pieces, the more you see; it's the kind of wall art sure to mesmerize guests." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Brynna Evans

8. Mirror, Mirror

Reflect light and make your room feel more spacious by adding a mirror to the wall. Bonus points if it’s in a cool frame! (Make sure the mirror faces a window to maximize brightness.)

9. Tone on Tone

Art that uses subtle tones can be impressive without overwhelming the room. Look for neutrals to enhance any space.

10. Canvas Art

Looking for something special? Choose framed canvas art with a fun color palette to set off your décor. Turn a family room into a modern living room aesthetic by placing large-scale canvas above a coffee table.

"If you need to decorate a wall in a flash, canvas art is your best bet, as it's everywhere. It's the most popular medium and easiest to paint on and sell, so the pickings are ripe. Choose a style, color and subject to fit your personality!" - Living Spaces Interior Designer Courtney Marquez

11. Gallery Wall

Do you have more than one piece of art that you love? Gather an assortment of pieces that have something in common, then turn your wall into an art gallery.

12. Glitter and Glam

You can’t go wrong with sparkles, so double up on framed glitter paintings and use them as a backdrop for fabulous decorations. Starburst figurines make excellent complementary living room decor. (Don't forget paint color, too! A deep greige or soft cement brings out the calming effect of metallics.)

13. Equine Beauty

If you love horses, adding them to your walls is a no-brainer. Pick a large print that will dominate the room and build around it.

"Horses hone in the rustic, country and western aesthetics. I love a good horse wall paired with a classic rustic leather sofa!" - Living Spaces Interior Designer Brynna Evans

14. Wildlife at Home

Bring your adoration of living things into your home with framed images of your favorite creatures. Like in real life, animals can bring out the best in humans. Opt for soft-natured scenes of animals roaming peacefully to boost the seratonin vibes in your living room or dining room.

15. Simply Nature

A simple leaf print, an image of a tree, or a photo of a flower can set the tone for a room and show your interest in nature.

16. Take Flight

Dreaming of traveling? Hang a framed canvas of a plane or a bucket-list destination to keep your travel inspiration close. Modes of transportation on an empty wall will be sure to make for inspiring living room design. 

"Photography of anything in the sky, be it sunset, sunrise or just a cluster of clouds, almost looks like a window. It also feels airy and gives permission for your room to feel like a borderless, open-air retreat." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Courtney Marquez

17. Cool Oceans

Give your space a cooler feel with a beautiful painting of the ocean. Pieces that are almost abstract - but not quite - capture the true nature of the sea.

18. Go Big

Giant pieces of art can dominate a room - in a good way! Enjoy your favorite painting super-sized. (Most wall spaces, after all, are the biggest parts of a home and need art of the same mindset.)

19. Basic Images

You don’t have to go fancy with your images. Just pick something that appeals to you and hang it.

"Sometimes, the less specific the image, the more specific our thoughts are towards it. When art is open to interpretation, the more you can attach your own personal thoughts to it. For this reason, abstract art is a great chameleon, and can say exactly what you want it to based on the surrounding styles and decor items you choose." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Brynna Evans

20. Shades of Gray

Gray-toned paintings fit into any style of décor, so grab a painting or two and then add other gray elements to bring the room together. Against white walls, shades of grey can have a calming effect. Other neutral color schemes, such as beiges and creams, have a similar effect — especially when blended into a grey scheme, to complement and bring out each of the various shades.

21. Abstract

There’s something about abstract art that draws the eye, because it lets you interpret the artist's meaning for yourself.

22. Layered Paintings

Even if you can’t hang paintings on your walls, you can put them on a table. Try placing several together, then layering them for a unique look. (Think of these types of tables as wall shelves for your art!)

"Leaning wall art is a cinch! There's no hammer, nails or drilling. It's also a fantastic way to fill up an empty side table." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Courtney Marquez

23. Black Frames

Take your favorite picture and frame it in simple black to make it really stand out on the wall.

24. Fun Colors

You can build an entire room’s décor around the colors in your wall art for a coordinated feel. Bright colors common in wall art include pinks, blues and greens. But in small living rooms, be wary: just a dab of a splash of bright hue is all you need to brighten your space and make it pop.

25. Dividing Panels

Instead of using these panels to divide your space, hang them on the wall for a unique look.

"Anything super long elongates a space. The ceilings feel higher, the air feels more open and the eyes are drawn up, which is usually synonymous with boosted mood and well-being." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Brynna Evans

26. Beach Memories

Love the beach? Take the enjoyment home with framed and matted photos of your favorite place. Take the aesthetic beyond the walls, too — seashell figurines and tropical plants will play off the art.

27. Cacti Prints

Succulents and cacti offer a low-maintenance way to add green to your space. Highlight your plants with cacti prints on your wall.

28. Neutral Paints

A subtly-colored painting will blend nicely with your existing décor while also adding a focal point. Choose a neutral shade a bit deeper or lighter (as long as it's a shade different) than your walls for an on-trend atmosphere. For  a bit more color, try shades of earth tones.

"Neutrals calm. A beige or earthy painting in any room is a beautiful way to banish stress." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Courtney Marquez

29. Charcoal Drawings

Charcoal is a gorgeous medium. These types of images combine simplicity with sophistication – an ideal combination for wall art.

30. Leaves on the Wall

Show off your enjoyment of plants with giant paintings of leaves. You can collect several, and group them. The subtle veins, stems and shapes found in nature are artwork in and of themselves and stun in the home.

31. Marbled Canvas

Add some glamour and mystique to your space with a lovely marble-styled print.

"Changing up the textures you use can really heighten style and tastefulness. I personally love a panel of ancient marble stone or a ceramic frame to add luxury." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Brynna Evans

32. Floral Delight

Brighten your space with flowers that never fade. They’re the perfect addition to your room and come in many styles. Swap out floral art as the seasons change to match the actual state of gardens outdoors: tulips for spring and poinsettias for winter feel extra festive!

33. Bring the Sky Home

The mysteries of the universe are beautiful on your walls.

34. Bold Colors

Selecting a painting that will set the color palette for your space is always an adventure. Look for bold colors to stimulate the mind. (This year, bright green is the trend!)

"Use bold colors in a room where you want people to mingle and have fun. If bright walls aren't your thing, try 'neutral bolds' like a deep earthy red to revitalize and add a burst of style energy." - Living Spaecs Interior Designer Courtney Marquez

35. Broad Strokes

Abstract art is wonderful. You’ll get a bigger impact from your wall art if you pick paintings with a few broad strokes of color.

36. Brighten Your Space

Images that are bright and evoke the outdoors can help make your room feel bigger and lighter. (It has to do with psychology: of all the senses, vision stimulates the mind most.) Recreate scenes of the objects found on the types of nature walks you love the most.

37. Memories

Evoke “the good old days” with paintings or images that trigger a hazy memory. Just frame it and hang.

"Sometimes, art can stir up feelings and memories better than an actual photograph of the actual memory can. This is because of the colors, brushstrokes and open-endedness of art. Hang a painting of your favorite vacation spot to celebrate the passions of your life." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Brynna Evans

38. Sets of Four

A set of four identical paintings or prints will give a nice, balanced look to your room. You can even take it further to six, eight or ten. Just make sure to keep it within the realm of even numbers for a satisfying aesthetic balance.

39. Soft Light

For a brighter, modern space, look for a painting that is barely there, featuring light strokes and colors.

40. Mix and Match

Combine abstract paintings with vivid photos to create your own mini gallery. As with most ideas on this list, it's best to let your taste for art guide your choices, rather than starting with decor and trying to pick art to match. When choosing art, remember, your instinctive taste is always king!

"Remember, more than just one type of canvas art exists! Prints, photography, watercolors, acrylics and/or sketches on a single wall can make your wall feel more like a gallery and less like a template-produced model home." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Courtney Marquez

41. Unique Scribbles

Flat blocks of color are nice, but something that has been carefully colored and painted adds visual impact.

42. Leaning Paintings

Have two similar paintings? Hang one and lean the other for a fun look. Different sizes add to the aesthetic layering.

43. Space

For anyone who loves space, images that are neatly framed can make extraordinary wall art.

"Outer space emits vibes that aren't just scientific or of astrophysics. In the home, it also feels mystical, ethereal and transcendent." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Brynna Evans

44. Line Drawings

There’s something about the simplicity of drawings that can really make a space feel perfect. When done well, drawing can evoke powerful negative space. (It's the white space between the sketched lines, rather than the lines themselves, that will draw the eye and incite thoughtful interpretations.) 

45. Framed Photos

Blow up your favorite photograph and frame it to hang in your home for a touch of nostalgia.

46. Textured Art

Forget the boring paintings and prints. Go for some real texture on your wall! Metal cutouts, pressed flowers and tapestries fit the bill.

"3D artwork is becoming more and more popular. I feel it's a way to ground us and bring us back to the physical world full of beautiful objects all around us. The curves, textures, corners that can't be replicated in a phone or computer screen feels like a dignified replacement for flat wall art." - Living Spaces Interior Designer Courtney Marquez

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