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8 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas To Ring in Holiday Cheer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and all around you are the colors, scents and sounds of the season. In shopping malls, industrial-sized Christmas trees draw faces upward as passersby murmur in awe; at home, guests savor the aroma of spices brewing on the stove as dinner parties unfold; and just outside, carolers jingle and sway as the winter breeze picks up and carries their harmonies down to the last house on the street.

It’s the season of joy, and every morning you wake up in it should be a celebration – and make you excited to greet the day. (Along the same lines? Every night you fall asleep in it should wrap you up in magical mementos of the days you’ve had!) To set the tone for each day (and night) of the season, we’re holding off on decking the halls and first decking our bedrooms. Here is every Christmas bedroom décor idea we’re obsessed with – and you need for your best holiday yet!

Creating a Christmas Bedroom Suite

You’ve hung the holiday string lights on the front porch, brought in a spectacular tree for your living room and wrapped the railings with garland – but don’t consider your holiday decorating complete until you’ve decked out the bedroom!

A Christmas Bedroom Tip: Because there’s nothing like falling asleep under bright, cozy covers, bringing in a holiday-themed bedding set is a must for the Christmas-decorating enthusiast. Start with a quilt, choosing a pattern (there are reindeers, snowflakes, holly boughs and so much more!) or solid color (try forest green, crimson red or ivory).

1. Christmas Iconography

The icons of the holiday are the things that make us nostalgic: Santa and his reindeer, pine trees with presents underneath, red sleds on hills of snow and candy canes in white-trimmed stockings. Each icon associates with memories of childhood and traditions we pass on to the next generation – all with the deeper purpose of holding onto values of love and comforts of family.

But let’s talk about Christmas iconography on a more aesthetic level: whether it’s a Christmas tree, sleigh or present, an icon’s simplistic, cutout design pops against whatever it’s printed on – whether bedspread, pillow or throw blanket. Bold-colored and clean-lined, icons are a fresh, modern take on holiday bedroom style.

2. Rustic Embroidery

As intricate and unique as a snowflake, embroidery stitch gives a homey feel to a holiday bedroom. Whether you sew a saying onto a pillow sham yourself or purchase a pre-made design, you’re already halfway to the coziest setting possible – all that’s left is to stoke the bedroom fireplace, snuggle up with hot cocoa and turn on a Christmas film classic.

3. Festive Plaid

There’s something about plaid that makes us want to buy it by the yard and plaster every nook and cranny of our Christmastime homes with it. (Perhaps two key reasons: plaid is cozy to touch and soothing to look at, making it the ultimate holiday essential.) For now, and for the sake of those who have to live with us, we’ll try the best we can to restrain our obsession; the festive plaid-printed bedspread (shown here) will tide us over ‘til next year!

4. Terms of Tidings

Some say pictures are worth a thousand words; we think these greetings-emblazoned pillows are worth a thousand pictures. Place one in your bedroom for your daily affirmations – and more in your living room so that you and your guests will always have something festive to read!

5. Santa Pillows

He’s the man of the hour, and his aura hangs over our every movement – from shopping to decorating to wrapping – during the month of December. (Some even say he sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake, which gives you all the more reason to behave well, but we digress.) What better way to get the man in charge of the naughty-or-nice list on your good side than by cozying up to him, literally?

6. Crimson Faux Fur

If you’ve ever wondered what Mr. and Mrs. Claus’s bed looks like, we’re pretty sure you’ll find your answer here. While there’s no way for us to confirm ourselves (if we could go up to the North Pole to take a peek, we would!), we’re confident that this faux fur crimson bedspread is as close to the real deal as possible. Soft, cozy and as red as the suit of Saint Nick himself, it’s everything one could ever want out of a Christmas bedroom aesthetic.
A Christmas Bedroom Tip: On top of the quilt, layer on a lighter throw blanket, which can be used as extra warmth during the chillier nights – or simply as décor for added color and festive pattern. Add to the ensemble pillows; layer on throw pillows shaped in classic Christmas icons like Santa, reindeer, gingerbread houses, stockings, snowflakes and snowmen, and for your larger pillows, secure holiday-themed shams for an affordable seasonal refreshment.

7. Coordinating Quilt Sets

Perfect for rooms with two beds – like kids rooms and guest rooms – coordinating quilt sets provide the cozy ambiance needed to lull you off to sugarplum dreams. Just as a Christmas feast wouldn’t be complete without classic sides like roasted veggies and corn pudding, bedding sets also come with all the fixings: think quilt and matching shams!

8. Layered Holiday Patterns

Essentially everything in this article condensed into one fun-filled look, this bed does the holidays right. Layer iconography blankets, embroidered pillows, pillows with sayings and patterned quilts – somehow (call it Christmas magic?), it will all come together in one fun, harmonious, festive aesthetic.

A Christmas Bedroom Tip: Christmastime spirit starts from the moment you wake up under Christmas covers, and continues when your feet hit the ground – especially when the ground is all snuggly with winter-ready rugs! Choose from shag, high pile and festive colors to complete the bedroom look.

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