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9 Under Bed Storage Ideas for When Clutter Gets Out of Control

With such convenient online shopping opportunities and so many interesting products constantly coming out on the market, many of us are guilty of collecting a lot of "extra stuff". Without proper household storage, having so many things can become a burdensome organizational issue. Good storage is a highly important aspect of keeping a tidy and well-organized house.

Sometimes our general storage wardrobes and dressers aren't sufficient to store the various things we collect over time. Fortunately, this doesn't mean that you need to squeeze in another cabinet or wardrobe where it doesn't belong and upset the balance of your home. There are plenty of clever tricks and hacks to help you make the best out of what you have.

Using the space under beds as storage is one of the most ideal and effective ways to improve the capacity of your home without putting any strain on the furniture layout. This is an especially useful concept if you live in a smaller house or apartment that is already struggling with storage space.

9 Under Bed Storage Ideas

Under-bed space is not only large enough and capable of storing a significant load, it's also out of the way and hidden in plain sight. For some people, having a lot of items around the house gives the living space an extra dimension of character. Others might prefer to keep items stored away neatly to achieve a minimalist feel throughout the house. In this case, these under-bed storage ideas are perfect for putting an end to clutter.

1. Under Bed Drawers From the Front

Under-bed drawers that roll out just below the footboard of the bed are a great way of improving the storage of your home. Rather than simply stuffing cardboard boxes underneath your bed, investing in some extra drawers that fit neatly under your bed gives a more deliberate and intentional feel to the storage idea. Rolling under-bed drawers that can be easily pulled out are great places to store clothes, shoes, or just general bits and pieces.

2. Under Bed Drawers From the Side

Much the same as having under-bed drawers from the front, having them pull out from the side below the side rails of your bed is equally viable. If you're planning on choosing this option, you could have several wide-set drawers or many smaller ones aligned.

3. Remove Your Trundle Mattress

Trundle beds are great for being able to host guests without needing an extra bed or bedroom. However, people often buy them with the best intentions only to never use them. While they are a fantastic asset to have if you actually make use of it, having them unnecessarily take up all that extra storage space might not be the most optimal solution. If you're in this situation, you might consider removing the trundle mattress and using the pull-out as a storage drawer instead. If you suddenly need the extra bed, you can always return the mattress for the night. However, using it for storage might be the better long-term strategy.

4. Using the Open Space

If you've already got a bed with open space underneath, why not use it as an extra storage unit? You can use it as a keeping space for the things you rarely or never need to use. When you do decide that you need them, they'll be easy to find right where you left them. Bed frames with high legs are best for this, as they provide more space vertically without taking up any extra floor space.

5. Storage Bench

So, maybe you don't have any space underneath your bed but you're interested in this bed-storage concept. A storage bench placed at the foot of your bed can offer you some extra storage while still appearing as a cohesive part of the bed frame. It can also double as an actual bench for sitting.

6. Shelf Bed with Cubbies

If you're thinking about purchasing a bed with great storage already built into the design, a bed with shelves or cubbies built-in is a nice idea. With this, you don't need to do any extra work as the design is ready to be used. It's also an ideal option if you want to store your items somewhere that you can still see and easily access.

7. Mix it Up

There's no rule that says you can strictly only use one of these ideas. It's your home and you're in control of managing your options. Perhaps you're unable to decide between using the trundle pull-out of some under-bed drawers — why not have both? It's possible to have the trundle pull-out on one side and regular or half-sized drawers on the other. This gives your under-bed storage multiple layers, increasing your organizational possibilities.

8. Bed Risers

If you just have a regular bed frame that doesn't feature space underneath, consider using bed risers to create that extra storage space yourself. You can get bed risers to elevate your bed as much as you need from the ground. It might be helpful to decide exactly what you'll store underneath before choosing the height for your bed risers.

9. Loft Bed with Dressers or Desk

Loft beds can be great options for optimizing space in a small bedroom. They allow you to use all of the vertical space available to you by having the bed up high so you can use the space underneath as a storage or study area. Loft beds are an especially good choice for children or guest rooms.

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