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The 8 Best Plants for Hanging Planters

Brighten up any indoor — or outdoor — space with pendulous beauties that draw the eye and add dramatic decor elements to any style. We've got hanging planter ideas for novice dabblers and experienced green thumbs!

1. Dracaena and String of Pearls

Take the eyes high and low by mixing plants of various heights and shapes. String of pearls will cascade over the side of your container, and dracaena varieties will stand tall and proud. Choosing a container that blends seamlessly with your wall color will keep the attention on the greenery and lends to a minimalistic design.

2. Succulents of All Shades

Not all hanging plants have to "hang." Succulents lend themselves nicely to being framed and mounted as an art piece. Simply remove them from the wall once a month, moisten the soil, and rehang when dry. Check the care tags and pair succulents of similar water needs inside the frames. Arrange a whole gallery wall for maximum impact.

3. Eucalyptus Pairings

From bush and shrub cuttings to fresh flowers, eucalyptus is a perfect filler for hanging containers. Its soft green hues are a perfect natural complement to walls and decor pieces. You'll always have a fresh look when you think outside the vase — or pair multiple hanging vases to increase the wow factor.

4. Pothos a Plenty

This species is easy for beginners and experts alike, as their foliage can be kept compact with trims, trained to climb, or allowed to sprawl. Macrame hangers allow you to change the size and style of containers when it's time to repot or swap out decor – just remember to choose a pot with adequate drainage, as pothos is prone to root issues if kept too moist.

5. Plump Jade

Spice up outside landscapes with planters of jade. Dangle from wrought iron plant stakes or hang several in your landscaping — just be sure to hang far enough apart so they don't clank together when the wind blows. These varieties love about four hours of bright sun per day and despise frost — so bring them indoors for the fall and winter months.

6. Hoya Linearis

This plant's wispy tendrils pair nicely with a natural weave container and complements boho and Asian decor. (The plant is sometimes hard to find in nurseries because the variety is in high demand.) Choose a container with great drainage, as the hoya likes relatively dry soil, and remember: no direct sunlight with this one!

7. Creeping Vines and Ivy

You can let these beauties drape over the rims or train them to reach for the ceiling. Mirrors double the aesthetic duty, giving the illusion of a fuller planter. These varieties are also great for beginners, but be mindful of pets and children — hang the planters high enough so that curious felines and tots can't take a taste and end up with a bad belly ache.

8. Classic Philodendron + Drapey Plants

Considered old-fashioned favorites, philodendron and other drapey plant varieties are pushing nearly 500 varieties and are great for beginners. Some varieties flower, and all can be trimmed to a cute and proper presentation or allowed to overtake the container and cascade. No matter which variety you choose, these hardy indoor hanging plants will brighten any corner with just a little maintenance.

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