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KonMari: 6 Tips for ‘Tidying Up’ Like a Boss

KonMari: the organizing method everyone’s talking about. Learn how to apply it to your space with these ‘tidying’ up secrets!

1. Commit.

Before you get to tidying up, following the KonMari method, it is imperative that you first commit yourself to following through. Once you’ve set your mind to it, you can begin!
One of the easiest ways to fully invest yourself in a plan for tidying – whether KonMari or otherwise –  is by starting with the essentials. Opt for pieces that will encourage a tidy lifestyle;  storage basics like lift-top coffee tables, dining room sideboards and beds with built-in drawers will prep you for the tidying to come – and help keep you organized once it’s finished.

2. Visualize a Tidier Life.

The second step of the KonMari method is to imagine what it would look like – and more importantly, how it would feel – once you’re decluttered and organized. This instantly transforms the tidying up process into one of purpose.

For the second step of the KonMari method, we submit that in your ‘vision’ for a tidier home, how the furniture pieces are arranged is just as important as how organized the things are inside them. Knowing that everything has a place (and everything’s in its place) is one thing, but creating a space that feels open, fresh and comfortable is another. Allow for at least three feet of “walking space” between dressers and beds, coffee tables and sofas, and dining tables and sideboards to make sure that your furniture promotes a layout that’s relaxed and easy-to-access.

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3. Discard.

Thirdly, you’ll need to throw out what you don’t need. Discard anything non-essential and/or which doesn’t “spark joy.”

If you struggle with clutter, the third step of the KonMari method can be the hardest, and take up the most time (you may even find that discarding can take days or even weeks). And in the process of pulling out all your belongings and dividing them into piles, your home can feel even more cluttered than before! The easiest way to maintain your sanity during this time? Baskets! Opt for large, laundry-style baskets for separating your “Keep” and “Discard” piles for clothes, and smaller “tabletop” baskets for smaller miscellaneous items.

4. Tidy Up by Category.

Instead of tidying up by room, KonMari advises that you go by category – clothes, for example, would be one category and books another.

You can’t expect to keep the same routine you’ve been following for years and get different results; so don’t be afraid to get innovative when it comes to storage. Assessing your home room-by-room and looking for ways to incorporate double-duty furniture (a.k.a. furniture that doubles as storage) is especially helpful for apartments and small floor plans, where space – and storage capacity – is limited.

5. Follow the KonMari Order.

KonMari has a strict order for tidying up: first is clothes, followed by books, papers miscellaneous items and then sentimental items.

When going through your belongings, traditional cases like dressers and bookshelves will provide efficient organization, especially when “compartment” count is high. The more drawers and shelving a design has, the easier it will be to keep your belongings separated by category, and the more organized you will feel.

6. Ask Yourself, Does This Spark Joy?

The KonMari method teaches that by physically picking up each item separately and asking whether or not that item “sparks joy” (and then discarding anything to which you’ve answered ‘no’), you’re encouraging a most efficient tidying process.

While we’re keen on Konmari’s “spark joy” philosophy, we also think that it shouldn’t be limited to the items you’re trying to organize – it should also extend to the storage compartments themselves! Dressers, nightstands, bookcases and other organizational furniture come in a variety of designs; finding the style that brings the most joy to you and your space will make staying tidy that much more fun!

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