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NEW Ideas for (Tired) Small Spaces

Small space furniture can be tricky – learn how to style it with these easy design tips for small apartments, small living room layouts and more.

1. The Small Bedroom Design

Small bedroom furniture, done simply.

Instead of feeling frazzled by a small bedroom, consider it a challenge – and the storage bed and chest your winning tools. As for bedding, keep it simple (a solid monochrome bedspread, with a patterned pillow or two for style, is all you need). And if you can do without nightstands, swapping them out for sleeker accent tables, by all means, do it! Many decorators tend to forget that nightstands aren’t the only option when it comes to bedside furniture – and are often used less out of necessity and more out of obligation.

small rooms
furniture for small spaces

2. The Small Dining Room Design

Small rooms – with a twist.

The smaller the dining room you have to work with, the more impactful your dining set will be – so look for airy designs that will open up your space rather than stifle it. Add to a fresh feel by painting your walls in a clean shade, like pale blue. For an unexpected twist, keep the entire wall, including every mantel, shelf and window sill built into it, in the same shade – and make it all pop with white ceramic decor.

3. The Small Living Room Design

Small living room furniture takes on a new shape.

If you’re stuck on designing a small living room, make the convertible sofa your best friend. This (dare we say) ingenious design has been around for a while, but decorators everywhere are just starting to appreciate its chic aesthetic and practicality. Convertible sofas – which come in configurations that let you choose the exact shape to best fit your space – are available in a variety of bold colors and cozy fabrics, making them one of the hottest small-space trends we hope never goes away.

Small Living Room Design

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