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Modern Rustic Home Ideas (+ Key Characteristics)

Modern rustic homes have an authentic charm, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on your budget. Below are three simple steps you can follow to bring a touch of warmth to any room.

1) Pick a Neutral Palette

Modern Rustic Kitchen Ideas

  • In a rustic modern house, a monochromatic neutral palette creates a relaxing, simple environment, perfect for easily mixing and matching furniture and accessories. Since rustic charm doesn't put color at the center stage, it's all about textures.
  • In a modern rustic kitchen, natural light and greenery bring life into the space.
  • Modern rustic homes love wood and distressed finishes to add to the rustic ambiance.
small space dining room

(Modern Rustic Decor Ideas, Cont'd)

  • A key rule of modern rustic interior design is to stick to 2-3 shades of earth tones, and pick one to pop.
  • In this modern rustic dining room, the Lassen collection is a balanced mix of natural elements and contemporary details with pops of burnt orange in the bedroom and muted teal in the living room.

2) Make Sure Each Piece has a Purpose

Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas

  • In a modern rustic living room, vertical storage, underbed storage and baskets are just a few ways to give every piece of furniture in your home more than one main function.
  • Don't keep pieces that don't serve a function. In modern rustic interior design, this will help to keep clutter at bay and keep your modern and rustic living room space feeling spacious and fresh.
small space buffet
  • Remember that storage can double as decor in modern rustic home decor!

3) Personalize It

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

  • In modern rustic design, incorporate hobby spaces that are important to you - whether you require an in-home office, a reading nook, or a crafting corner.
  • Include personal decor/touches/items that reflect your interests and act as conversation pieces in a modern rustic bedroom, sticking to a modern rustic color palette.
small space shelf
  • In a modern rustic room, open shelving is a great opportunity to personalize and decorate the space. Pieces that are meaningful to you will help to give your space one-of-a-kind style, and make it feel like home.
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